Roon ROCK + HQPlayer + (USB) RME ADI-2 DAC fs


Hi guys and all others.too

Need to ask, is there anyone running HQPlayer with RME DAC as above? Got one for testing and it seems already at the lower sample settings I use running in circles around my Benchmark DAC-1.
After reading some in the incredibly vast user’s guide of DAC, it seems a very ambitious DAC.

It does not seem to allow to play direct (native) DSD with my HQP Embedded Linux version?

In the user’s guide one has to install a RME driver to make Windows play native DSD, and to make sertings in the output ASIO driver as well as in the device manager for the USB controller.

Wonder, is it possible to move a license from a Embedded to a Windows? Same price according to sales page anyhow? But only if the Embedded cannot be setup for this particular DAC.

Anyone had reasons to fiddle with better PSU’s to the DAC? Make any difference? It seems to carry a number of DC → DC converters onboard, for various voltages, a not so favourable technical solution, that perhaps will not make any difference by replacing the outer SMPSU?

I’d love to hear from anyone running this setup and if there are any pro’s & con’s. Should I use Windows instead of Linux Embedded image? Got a prettys hefty computer if not up to the hillarious new multi-core Apple and AMD CPU’s. Inte I9 generation 9 10 cores and 20 threads. But has not made me dissapointed so far in anyway. But will probably be further stressed if pushing sample rates and bit depths up to the RME allowing direct DSD256.

Correct, on Linux you must use DoP.

Nope cannot. Completely seperate license key for Desktop and Embedded.

There are people using linear PSU’s claiming an upgrade in SQ.

I use the stock with my ADI-2. And XLR balanced connections to amp.

Definitely try “DSD Direct” mode.

HQPlayer Embedded is best ! Even better is if you use an NAA to seperate DAC electrically from powerful HQP Server - separated by UTP ethernet cable.

But you can of course use HQP Desktop and still use NAA to achieve the same isolation.

I use i9-11900K with DSD256 DSD Direct Mode → RPi4 running NAA OS → AD-2

Using ASDM7EC V2 modulator with poly-sinc-ext3 (1x) and poly-sinc-short-lp (Nx).

Main reason I prefer HQP Embedded is additional features not found on Desktop - plus I get to avoid Windows. Yuck! :smiley: I need all CPU and RAM dedicated to HQP. Not waisted CPU usage by Windows processes.

I actually run bootable HQP OS image. This is the ultimate HQPlayer experience. Optimised to the max by Jussi.

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Do you think NUC rock + HQplayer (Mac mini m1) → USB-> RME ADI-2 or NUC rock + HQplayer (Mac mini m1) +RPi4+ RME ADI-2 would give better SQ? Can this setup do DSD 256 via DoP?

Thank you.

Yes, best to seperate server from DAC - using low power consumption endpoint (NAA).

Yes it can.

But not for every combination of filter and modulator at DSD256.

I don’t think anyone can confirm every possible combination. But I’ve seen some forum posts by M1 owners about what they have working.

Best to run the trial version to determine.

RME DAC is always using DoP. With the Windows ASIO driver it is just the driver doing DoP packing.

Just use DoP with it and be happy, it won’t affect performance.

Interesting, wonder why the user’s guide and package content claim native DSD256, when it really is a construction in the softwares? Not the thing building trust för a brand.

So the direct mode DSD dabassgoesboomboom claiming is superior, is infact just a construction, and somewhere in the NAA OS or HQPe (custom made image), the DoP is generated for RME to use?

Now, how do I setup HQPe for this? Yes, I read the manual :slight_smile: , but also do know mistakes so easily can be done, leaving me without sound and a slight panic.

Anyone care to take a snapshot of the config page to feed the RME the correct way via USB and post it here? Off course I have to experiment myself with the desired modulator and filter, but as a template/example? I bet I will need it, either before or after I fail on my own …

It is DSD over PCM I am going for. RME claims 256. How do I make that on the config page incl DoP?

:crazy_face: :innocent:

These are, in yellow, the settings to go DSD256/DoP … if you are using a NAA


Excellent, I am however not using a NAA, but is there a great difference? I am using USB from HQPe computer to RME DAC. The player, Roon ROCK is on a separat computer and connected to HQPe IP-address over the LAN.

Thank you for your kind reply and an update would be over the top!


Without NAA set DoP in Alsa backend settings, just above Network audio backend, and set Alsa in Backend (top of page)

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Out of interest and on a related topic, if using HQP with the RME (I usually use HQP Desktop on my main rig with a Topping d90 but not with my RME on my desktop), do i/we need to adjut anything on the RME itself it terms of its settings or filters? As I know the RME has its own filters, or will these be bypassed?

I was going to ask seperately but I though it might be relavent to this thread and the OP.

Even in DSD direct mode? I thought the point of DSD direct was that all the RME internal filters were turned off and you could just feed it native DSD output from HQPlayer.

One is about how to transfer DSD data bit-perfectly to the DAC. Both DoP and “native DSD” achieve same, DoP just has 50% transfer overhead.

That is about something totally different, it is about how the conversion from digital to analog is performed once the data has reached the DAC. DoP has nothing to do with that part.

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Yes, that’s the case. And DoP is not related to that.

DoP is a way to put DSD data into PCM samples such way that DAC can tell it different from PCM data and extract the DSD data. That way you can get DSD through any system that supports high enough sample rate (176.4k for DSD64) and at least 24-bit PCM in a bit-perfect way.

Just to note, my only comment about DSD Direct was:

“Definitely try “DSD Direct” mode”

No claims! :grinning:

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I’ve tried and tried. Back and forth with some variables. I am here below, it does not work either. Could anyone please hint me how to play from HQPe computer via USB to RME ADI-2 fs? Also Roon says it is not able to connect to HQPlayer. No problems until fiddeling with settings.

@Stefan_Andersson1 instead of trying CPU intensive gauss-xla

First try just poly-sinc-gauss-lp with ASDM7 modulator

Enable “48k DSD” and enable “auto rate family”

Set “rate limit” to 12288000 Hz

Try and report back

My entire HQP installation is behaving utterly strange now. Roon is not able to locate HQPe, when in HQPe menu, som links do not respond. I cannot reach main page, input page and some other pages. I am driven to /config as response to my desired page link.

Everything completely bananas … might as well download latest image and burn a new HQPe from scratch. Must locate actual license key again … :slight_smile: Computers … f**k … peace, love and understanding … :heartpulse:

Also the new image is behaving … strange. It started correct and everything went great, but suddenly it went banans again, and will not show in the control computers explorer window as HQPlayer computer. Something is really wrong in my system I guess. Wonder why I still subject myself to this … The turntable was so much easier … :sweat_smile:

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That happens when for example your DAC cannot be accessed or there is some other misconfiguration.

HQPlayer is trying to say “check your configuration!”

When HQPlayer is in this state, it won’t accept control connections from Roon or similar and it won’t let you go to other pages until the configuration is rectified.


Hi again,

after numerous trials and repeated ones’, there is one thing that is obvious, too much sh*t going on without my control, without even knowing how to find it. I have managed to get it to work. Also the PCM to DSD conversion. On some filter. Not all. And not on all tracks. If suddenly with one setting working, there is a 24/96 FLAC among the 16/44.1, it stops working; yes I have sample rate as auto, max rate set and checked the auto rate family. The volume knob comes in and out of operation. Some tracks won’t be played, when they are very agressively compressed from the start. I cannot see a pattern, it is in my eyes completely erratic. And having the DAC remote volume control working or not depending on which filter and modulator I currently trying is no way - José. On some filters, not even start volume works even when enabled. It starts at full volume and is stuck there until I manage to stop playing…

This DAC goes back to my brother for sale and my long friend Benchmark DAC-1 with the XMOS converter from USB to AES3 upstreams come back in the rig.

A DAC upgrade with DSD capabilities, that is only playing all material from windows, ie Spotify and other TV streaming services, and only PCM section of the HQPe is flawless @ 24/384k, is not worthwhile investing in, if it cannot cooperate with the HQPe in a manner that is possible to understand.