Roon ROCK IP address

I have my Roon ROCK on static IP before as

I have upgraded my mesh Wi-Fi system. It seems it is not getting the new IP address with the new net work. Boosted up the machine it’s said it can be directly access at

But under my new network, all IP address becomes

So the ROCK essentially doesn’t seemed linked up to my new network, so my iPad Roon remote can’t find the core

What should I do? I can’t access the web UI either

Reinstall OS? Thanks

No - switch your PC also to a temporary IP address in the same subnet, for example Then access ROCK and set IP allocation to DHCP. Once you do that ROCK’s IP address will likely change immediately so you’ll lose contact again. Switch your PC to DHCP, and access ROCK at http://rock.local/ - and you should be back in business again.

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Or reset the ROCK to DHCP this way where it will pick up a new address:


Thanks Anthony. Excellent advice. All sorted!!!


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