Roon Rock needs to be restarted every day

Roon Core Machine

Roon Rock is installed on a dedicated Intel NUC11TNHi3000 connected to my network via Ethernet

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Routers are TP-LINK Deco M9+

Connected Audio Devices

Various: Keff LS50 WL II (Ethernet), Mac mini (Ethernet), MacBook Pro (Wifi), iPads (Wifi), iPhones (Wifi)…
My music library is located on a Synology NAS.
ROON is linked to my QOBUZ account.

Number of Tracks in Library

11342 tracks, 912 albums, 542 artists

Description of Issue

I have no playback problem. However, every day, at some point, Roon Server cannot be accessed by any of my devices. When I want top open the IP address of my NUC, I get an access error message.

Once I reboot the NUC, everything is back to normal until it stops being accessible again.

Sounds like a network problem. Do the IPs of the ROCK and the remote devices change between when it works and doesn’t?

Along that line of reasoning, I’d suspect something about a DHCP lease timeout.

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Thank you both for the suggestions.

My Intel NUC has a static address.

Further to the IP address… How is the static address given and how is your DHCP server setup to work with the static address - Is it static on the ROCK itself and is that outside the scope of the DHCP leasing range on the router?


The static address is allocated by the TP-Link router. The router software does not seem to allow the allocation address outside The DHCP leasing range.

In the Rock setting on the URL page, I have also set the IP address to static with the same address as the one reserved on the router.

If you are using a reserved address allocation in your router for your ROCK/NUC, then I would advise you to set your ROCK/NUC to use the router’s DHCP server in the Web Administration page. Don’t second guess it by setting a static IP address there as well.

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Thank you very much for the suggestion, I will give it a try and keep you posted.

Thank you again for your suggestion; it seems to have solved the issue, no more need to restart my NUC !


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