Roon ROCK not playing on my PS Audio - The Stellar Gain Cell DAC

Core Machine (ROCK/NUC7i5NBK/Roon Version 1.7 Build 571

Network Details (Ethernet)

*Audio Devices that run through USB

Tekton Design Double Impact
with PS audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC

Description Of Issue

Roon imported songs fine and play on my iMac, iphone, other devices fine but it won’t play on my big speaker that hook up with the PS Audio The Stellar Gain Cell DAC. Songs keep skipping and won’t start if click on a single song

Anyone can help me ?

Hello @Kyle_Nguyen,

Welcome to the forum! Is there any change in behavior if you reboot your ROCK and DAC? Have you confirmed you have the latest firmware installed on your PS Audio DAC?

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