Roon ROCK - Possible to trigger Roon update from ARC?

Is it possible to trigger a Roon Core update from ARC?

I was actually just wondering that exact thing last night as I am working away from home all this week.
Then I thought…well what if the update goes wrong or something and then left without any Arc at all.
Bit of a catch 22…

Whilst it’d be handy, a VPN could allow remote SSH, Roon Remote access amongst other functions.

I regularly, when out and about connect via VPN to check on the status of my server. Quite handy to be fair.

Via Arc, I feel this would need a large amount of work to bring this to us.

You’d still have downloaded content in offline mode, no?

Yes, understood. Possibly why ARC cannot do it (to my knowledge).

Probably but I have not bothered to DL any offline content.
But it’s an interesting thought as to what would happen.

Take yesterday 1167 issue.

A VPN connection to your home network would allow you access to delete that pesky bits file. Hey presto, failed update resolved and Roon Arc back up and running.

I’m an advocate for VPNs

I am too except this is not a trivial thing to install and use.

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ARC has not worked for me for days. I don’t try anymore.

:crossed_fingers: On holidays in Brussels and Arc is working perfectly.

Just another data point.

I agree it would be good if one could update (and restart) your roon core remotely through Arc but i don’t know how acheiveable this is and whether it would include vulnerabilities.

I try to avoid such scenarios now by updating everything before I go on holidays, reboot router and set everything to manual update.


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