Roon Rock SMB Username/Password

Now you can mount Rock’s SMB mount point using “guest” login. I would be nice if there was also possibility to use
Username and Password. Many backup/sync softwares does not allow to guest mounts eg. Qnap Hybrid Backup Sync that I try to use.

I had success with:

User: guest
Password: guest


Yes! Those settings were accepted. When setting Destination folder “Data” you can there browse after to “Music” folder.
Let’s see if sync works now.

Hi Chris,

Old post and all, I know – but just wanted to say thanks; was trying to point a Linux machine at the rock SMB share (no NFS :frowning:), and the “guest”/“guest” combo saved me some frustration.

For anyone following me – syntax (on Ubuntu 18.04) was:
sudo mount -t cifs //rockipaddress/Data/Storage /linux/mnt/location -o username=guest,password=guest,vers=1.0

where rockipaddress is the IP of your Rock (e.g., and linux/mnt/location is where you wish to mount locally. The vers=1.0 forces samba version 1.0, which is what it appears the Rock was offering (note this was version 1.4 as flashed from image – no upgrades applied).


Just found this very useful too! Thanks.

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