Roon ROCK stopped working

Roon Core Machine

Nuc 7 running rock

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Dedacated network connected with ethernet.

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

20,000 tracks

Description of Issue

My system had been working fine for 2 + years. All of a sudden it does not show up as a selectable audio zone. I can see it on the network. I can connect to it with the browser. I can restart the server though the browser. I can’t figure out what is going on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you describe what you mean in more detail? Is there a DAC connected to the ROCK machine, or, is the DAC connected to your PC, for example.

the day is directly connected to the nucleus running rock

sorry I meant to say the DAC not day

I would try the following.

  1. Turn off the DAC and Turn OFF the NUC using the OFF button on the web interface so you know it is shutting down gracefully. The point is to kill power to both devices for a bit (wait a minute or two). Then turn on the NUC, wait for ROCK to boot and then turn on the DAC.

  2. #1 not working, try changing the USB cable.

  3. #3 not working, try plugging the DAC using the same cable to a different PC. Does the PC’s own software see the DAC and can you play to it. If so, then open Roon on the PC and see if the DAC is seen while attached to this PC. (note the PCs firewall setting may interfere with this so you might want to turn it off briefly when doing the test.).

I found the problem I feel silly. It was just a dislodged cable.


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