Roon running in Docker on UnRaid 6.x

I’ve just gotten unRAID 6.3 installed from 5 and am still figuring out the dockers. I installed the Roon docker as described in the first post but there is no option for port and volume mappings. unRAID says it is running and was downloaded but I have no way to access it that I can figure out.

Should I be installing on the docker page using the “add container” button or should I be using the Community Apps plugin? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

There is no port mapping, but you do need to add the 3 mappings for you sh, app and music.

I added via add docker and entered the details manually.

Not at my machine for 30 mins, but will upload a screenshot of my mappings for you…

You access the server via a roon client, so will need to install that too.

Add the following path from the ‘Add another Path, Port or Variable’ in the ‘Add Container’ setup page.

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Thanks for the reply. I believe I have everything setup properly at this point, thanks!

Thanks mannp! Using your screenshots I was finally able to get Roon up and running on my unRAID server.

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Hey there,

Please let me know your experience. For me, it’s hit and miss at best. I have a lot of crashes on the server side. My server is a core I5 with 8gb ram.

When I shifted it to my MacBook pro (older core 2 duo), works flawlessly.

Have installed it a few times on unraid but, like I said, hit and miss.

Fauzi Garib

No crashing issues due to unraid at all to be honest. Been running well from the start.

Some glitches with roon itself especially how it reads directories on a linux system, where I had to re-enable the file locations.

Other than that working well here.

Did you try with a clean config each time or did you reinstall while keeping the same config and library directories.

Hi there,

TBH, now that you mention it, I don’t think I did a clean config. May be worth a shot again.

To do that, remove the docker, image, and what else? Remove the app directory?


I’d move the app and library folder to the same name _bak and the docker will create new ones.

Then go through and reconfigure in a client app.

This will of course remove your existing library files too, but you can move them back by moving the library dir back (although if you can it would be far better starting fresh, as you may get more problems in the future).

Where are the files stored by default? I looked into appdata and apps.

What am I missing?!?!


Which files?

The files are where you put them previously when you were having problems?

If you look further up the thread you see the directories in the docker that are mapped to the directories on your unraid server array/cache

Hey there, mannp,

Thank you so much for the help… been out of sorts for a couple of days, but finally got around to doing a fresh installation… it’s building the library as we speak… let’s see how it goes… will report back in a few days!

Thank you

Sounds like you are making some progress.

Hope it completes the library and you can start enjoying some roon music :slight_smile:

Hey there,

Nope… still having issues.

A little history. My initial installation was without any “/library” and “/opt” paths. So I don’t know where the initial library is stored.

I installed it again as per the above, and the symptoms I’m having are this: Every now and then when I go to Tags or Artists, Roon Remote (running on a Galaxy Tab) seems to disconnect for a bit and then reconnects a couple seconds later. But the list is unpopulated.

Don’t know how to troubleshoot and see if it’s the server at fault or the tab. Will try running the remote tomorrow on my laptop and see.


I would check the forums for your specific issues, as there are a fair few bugs in the support section yet to be fixed, so yours might be one of them.

It doesn’t sound like an unraid specific thing but more your setup.

I’ve been waiting nearly 3 months for the playlist bug to be fixed, so you are best doing a search and seeing if others have your issue too.

I’m going to try to move my roon server from windows to unraid this weekend. I’d like to keep the database I created while on windows. I’ll back it up and then restore it into the roon core docker on unraid.

The database was created from multiple unraid user shares accessed by network paths, ie, //unraid/jazz and //unraid/rock. I expect roon core on the unraid box (hostname “unraid”) should be able to resolve these paths to itself during import, but it will probably be less than optimal if the new database keeps these network paths instead of local disk mounts. For example, it would be better if they were pointing to the /mnt/user/jazz and /mnt/user/rock shares, or better yet avoid fuse altogether and point to /mnt/disk1, /mnt/disk2, and /mnt/disk3.

Any insights from @support if roon import will do the right thing here?

How does the /music docker volume mapping play into this? Should I map it to a new user share that includes all disks, or as I do on windows, just disable and ignore the “Music Folder” storage entry that roon puts in the storage list? This is presumably how /music will show up in roon.

Finally, roon says to store the library on an SSD. Should the library volume (and maybe the application volume) be mapped to an SSD that’s outside the unraid array?


  • Eric

The /music docker volume mapping is just a mount point to wherever you point it too.

I point mine to my processed audio files on my unraid array, which isn’t ssd and I have no performance issues to speak of.

That said my unraid server is a Xeon E3 and it handles other dockers as well as Roon with no issues at all.

Roon doesn’t track files by path – each file is hashed and re-identified when you migrate your database to a new location and reimport your content.

Once you restore the database, make sure you remove the old watched folders or edit them to reflect the new paths – don’t leave the old folders in place and simultaneously add new folders for the new paths. That will cause problems.

All the details about this are here:

Hi there. As you can see…I’m a Roon noob, and I’m not really a Docker expert either.

I have unRAID 6.3.5 running, and my only Docker is PLEX.

Things looks pretty detailed here; but those are famous last words. So…just a heads-up; I’m hoping to do what I can, without being an askhole. However…I might look, to get some spoon-feeding.


P.S. I have run, several C.A.P.S. builds before…usually with JRiver (not from unRAID); but have for the last few years, given in to the simple, effective, and inexpensive Auralic Aries Mini.

I have a friend’s old C.A.P.S., and my thinking was…if unRAID could run the Core (which obviously it can); I would take it, load Audiophile Optimizer…and use it, for the Renderer.

Just waiting to make sure, there isn’t maybe an “easier” way; since the last posting to this thread? (like it’s in the repository now?)

Or…do I just RTFT; and set-up the Docker; as outlined by mannp, in the OP?

I’ve been running this way since the start so have had no need to try an other ways, so can’t comment on that.

Perhaps look at my post of the 4th May too to add some extra info.

You could use the Community Applications app on Unraid to search for roon and use another roon docker image.