Roon running in Docker on UnRaid 6.x

Thanks to @RonCH I’ve got his docker template running on Unraid 6 using the following config;

Name: Roon
Repository: ronch/roon-server
Network type: Host
Privileged: Yes
Bind time: Yes

Volume Mappings: /music /your music location
[Not sure yet these are being used]
PUID: 99
PGID: 100

Save and your music should start to be imported, once the installation is complete.

Direct the /music folder in the docker image to an external directory where your music is located.


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Moved my library and app so I can access the logs and backup the database easier.

/opt /mnt/user/data/docker/roon/application/
/var/roon /mnt/user/data/docker/roon/library/
/music /mnt/user/My_Data/

Advanced View


Anyone able to add this to an unRaid repository? If not, anyone have a detailed guide on how to get this all setup? I’m pretty new to Docker but trying to get it figured out. Thanks.

Are you on Unraid 6.x?

If so you can create a new docker and enter the details above in the corresponding fields and press ‘create’ it will download and create a new dock image based on ronch/roon-server.

Once you enter the directories to where you music is located, you should be good to go.

I am planning on upgrading to the latest 6.x sometime very soon. I know I need to be on 6 to do this.

Wow that sounds incredibly easy! Is there any need for the XML info I saw in the Synology thread? Have you had any issues running Roon on your UnRaid box? Thanks for the help.

I configured and had it running before the xml appeared, so I have never used it and can’t comment if it works.

Once you enter the details manually Unraid will create the xml file for you, which is like a template for the docker image.

Configuring it manually is indeed easy and works great.

No issues for me in general use and much smoother than running the spk on my Synology.

Hi - wondering if anyone can help or point me in the right direction. I have Roon running on my unraid server, but there seems to be a problem with where the library data is kept. How do I set up the library data to be stored on my unraid machine? Any screenshots would be appreciated as I’m new to docker.


Not sure what you mean…are you getting an error message or something, to know there is a problem?

Hi mannp, thanks for inquiring. I used my laptop to install Roon on my unraid computer using docker. I imported some files as a test. If I reboot the unraid machine, everything looks okay and I can see the files I imported in the library view. If I reset the laptop, the library disappears and needs to be re-imported. I don’t see the libraryinformation files on the unraid computer so I’m wondering if they’re just being held in memory on the laptop somehow and when I restart the laptop they are erased. Something is obviously not set up right. I figure if I could locate the library information files on the unraid computer I might be all set.

If I am understanding correctly the music is on your laptop?

You need to setup docker to point to shares on your unraid server to where you want the config files saved, where you want the roon library to be stored and finally where roon can find your music.

Sorry for being unclear, the music is actually all stored on the unraid server. I think the part I’m missing is how to actually setup where the roon config and library files are saved.

Mine are set to /mnt/user/data/docker/roon/application/ and /mnt/user/data/docker/roon/library/

Hello, Im new to unraid 6. was able to set up plex via the lso repository. what is the https:// address for this repository?
Ive tried these addresses but they do give me a template.



This is the one i used by adding ronch/roon-server to the repository setting in a blank template, as I mention in the first post.

I think I have things set up properly but have no experience with Roon. Should there be a way to access a WebUI as with my other dockers or is configuration etc, all done through the other Roon apps? And if the server is working, which apps do I need for my desktop and mobile device? Is it just the Bridge for my computer and the Remote on my iPhone?

Also, do I need to/can I run Roon Bridge on my Unraid machine if it’s connected to my AV Receiver?

Yes, just download the apps for mac, android, ios etc and connect to your unraid server roon.

You should be able to see your av receiver connection in the audio setup, once you have a client connected.

Slightly off topic, but is there any solution to listening outside of the same subnet? Apparently others have gotten this to work with OpenVPN but I haven’t found a way yet

Hi there,

First time poster… What an awesome community…

Have installed the Core on my unraid server using this Docker. I can’t seem to see the settings for the dsp engine in the settings Audio tab.

Currently running the music into a PS Audio direct stream Jr.

A friend has the same streamer being fed by Roon installed on a Mac. Both are v. 1.3.

Is the dsp engine not available on unraid?

Thanks for the help…

Fauzi Garib

Hi Fauzi –

Welcome. :slight_smile:

Are you by any chance using a phone for your remote? DSP settings are not accessible in the phone interface – they are available in the tablet and Mac/Win applications.


Woah! Nail on the head! Loading Roon on my iPad as we speak. Great!

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