Roon running on Mac Mini

I’m three weeks into my Roon experience and loving it. I’m using a Mac Mini for the core, then into a Squeezebox Touch and then a Naim Streamer. Within the next year I intend to get a more powerful NAS to run Roon but for now it’s the Mini.

It seems that Roon functions a lot better when the database in on an SSD, I was wondering is it possible to store the database on a flash drive attached to the Mini, the other option is it replace the minis drive with a SSD?

Another option would be to get a new 256gb SSD and a USB to SATA cable, and then copy, perhaps use something like CarbonCopy to copy your boot drive to the new drive. Then just hold down the Option key while booting up and select the new drive to boot from. This will save you from having to open up the MacMini, and taking a chance on breaking some of those tiny plugs inside, while replacing the internal drive, and it gives you a built in backup on the old internal drive. If you would like to store your music on the same drive, you could get 2TB drive, instead of the 256gb drive and partition it to hold your music and database. That is what I do.

I broke one of those tiny plugs in my mac mini when I installed a SSD (to run Roon). Fortunately it was the led and remote plug and I can live without those… :smiley:
If you are really careful and watch one of those Youtube tutorials, it’s perfectly doable though.

Thanks guys, the external SSD sounds like the way to go.

I replaced my spinning drive in my mini with a SSD from Otherworld Computing. LOVE it, and easy to do the swap using their video. Upgraded the RAM at the same time.

Thanks John, I’ll get my tool kit out and do it.

Godspeed! :slight_smile: