Roon runs for 30 minutes then closes - Windows 10

To pile on to this. Running a dedicated Windows box running 10 to be used as a server only.

Roon will run for about 30 minutes then automatically close. I do not have anything playing on the server, but the server will still close if a network device is playing. I recently reloaded windows, .NET and Roon with the same results. Roon and RAATServer both disappear from Task Manager when this happens.

Let me know if you would like the RAAT logs.

Thanks, Chris

To add to the above post, here is the last few lines of the RAAT log when Roon stopped:

07/24 10:04:57 Trace: [raatmanager] announcing
07/24 10:04:57 Debug: [discovery] broadcast op is complete
07/24 10:35:33 Warn: [jsonserver] client timed out after 10170ms (timeout=10000)
07/24 10:35:33 Trace: [jsonserver] [] destroying client
07/24 10:35:34 Warn: [RAAT::System Output] [server] client timed out after 10163ms (timeout=10000)
07/24 10:35:34 Trace: [RAAT::System Output] [server] [] destroying client
07/24 10:35:34 Trace: [RAAT::System Output] [session] [] destroying session

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hi @Chris_Quatrochi ,

I have split your post into it’s own thread so that we can better assist. Are you still seeing this issue even after the latest Roon updates? Can you please reproduce the issue, note the time + date of the crash and upload Roon + RAAT logs to the below link and let us know once uploaded?

Are there any clues in the Windows Event Viewer logs for the crash?

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