Roon saves its scanning until I want to use the stereo

@support, any news from looking into my logs? I sent these nine days ago but haven’t heard back. I have replaced my RAM to match, so 2 x 8GB now as @Ronnie suggested, but unfortunately, it doesn’t make any difference. I have tested for six days, from redbook to upsampling to DSD128, but still many dropouts, skipping and losing connection. Many times, Roon just stops playing at all. Problems have absolutely gotten worse since 1.3 in my case. But I see more and more posts from others with similar or related problems. I would really appreciate an update. Thanks, Koen

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Also, often when I don’t like the choice Roon Radio comes up with, I press next. Not an issue in 1.2, but in 1.3 Roon Radio stops altogether more often than it goes to the next song. Not a big deal, but an illustration to point out that I think there are some bugs in 1.3 that didn’t bug me in 1.2. Also, I didn’t mention the ticking (soft pops and clicks clearly audible, like playing vinyl) that sometimes occur.

Hi @mike
Can you take another look at this…as I know the issue has been going on for quite some time now…and the logs will be the best place to see what’s causing the symtoms described above

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Thanks for helping @Ronnie.

Hi @Eric
Could you please take a look at this and make sure that Koen’s Logs are looked to see if they contain a pointer to the Performance and Stalling issues that are being seen

These issues are now several weeks old and need a response ASAP please


@Ronnie — Thank you for flagging me down here. Koen was contacted via PM yesterday, to further troubleshoot.


That’s great Eric…thanks for letting me know…and hopefully this get resolved soon

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