Roon saves its scanning until I want to use the stereo

…and then it unleashes a scan, or some new track detections,on me, just as I’ve relaxed into a chair at the end of the day. I then have to sit through the fort 30 minutes of delayed starts to tunes, unresponsive UI etc until it’s finished doing it’s job.

Please can Roon geolocate my butt and detect when it’s not sat in the listening seat and do its updating then? Or perhaps we need a new hardware gadget that I could leave on the seat to detect pressure? Potentially, It could be called a RAARSE.

Seriously though,the Linux box is on 24/7 and it doesn’t sleep, so can’t it do its scanning at some off-peak time? I know I could switch off scanning but not sure I really should have to go to that extreme.


Haha LOL! I like the jokes, but I don’t like what Roon does here. I often have the same experience, so fully agree and +1!

That’s interesting, Roon never interrupts my music on my QNAP TVS 471.
Occasionaly I reboot the core to de saturate the RAM but this is never a daily thing.
Have you tried that prior to a session.

@Chrislayeruk It’s strange and I can’t believe roon does it by design - clearly it doesn’t given your experience. But I have found over the last few nights (and I have noticed it in the past too, although less consistently) that when I boot up the software on the ipad there is no spinner and yet within about 1 minute of me engaging with the software, it’s found something that it must do and then proceeds to slow down the experience to an expletive-producing level.

What are your settings on this screen


Hi SJB thanks for your thought.

The relevant settings I’ve got here is:
Normal for background
Fast for on-demand.
512 for Memory.

the system should have plenty resources for this but I might change on-demand to off.
Having said that, based upon experience over the last few days I would have expected Roon to start spinning a little after I opened it up a minute ago and this hasn’t been the case. Also, when I just did a few test plays, the waveform appeared immediately. So perhaps there has been a db hiccup in my system and it’s taken a few days to resolve itself (stretching here)! I’ll monitor for a few days.

It does sound strange, hopefully it has sorted out - but a reboot of Roon is never a bad option to try.

The analysis should be going on all the time, until it’s finished and then mainly when you add tracks.

No need for RAARSE hopefully.


Ha, fair enough. I think RAARSE has got legs though. Possibly more than some of the things coming out of Las Vegas this week:

Just in case unlocking your smartphone, finding the app, fiddling around finding the right screen…and wait for it…turning down your stove, was too much … you can always forget this twaddle, get off your butt and walk to your cooker:

I think simply having a feature to set the time for a rescan is a solution. I would personally like this since my Roon PC is always on as well.


+1 for that, @tboooe !

Yes, I like the idea of having hours in which scanning is ok, scheduling feature.

I have to say that after a r crappy week putting up with all sorts of scanning-related issues, the last time I sat down a couple of days ago…it was just perfect. So, I’m not sure what was going on last week.

Consistently, my Roon installation starts scanning as soon as it is finished scanning. It is always scanning regardless of whether any changes have been made to my watched folder.

Is this what 1.3 is supposed to do? It’s quite disconcerting.


No. What kind of scanning are you referring to? Is this something reflected in Roon’s progress indicators, or something else you’re noticing on your system? If so, how are you noticing it?

The spinning progress indicator at the upper right hand corner is always turning. clicking on it reveals that Roon is
Scanning Now
281,401 Tracks Imported
(ever-increasing number of) Files Scanned

When the number of Files Scanned reaches the end, and all files are scanned, Roon just starts up scanning again… same numer of Tracks Imported, but number of Files Scanned restarts at zero and takes a good 12 hours to finish, only to start again.

Happens over and over.

Thanks for responding.

This is a bug, but it’s not yet clear whether it is ours or something in lower-level infrastructure going wrong. I think we’ve heard about this before–it seems to be some sort of resource issue. Linux specific I think. It’s been difficult to reproduce (I’ve tried a few times with no luck). How large is your library? Which linux distribution are you using?

@vova / @support, take note.

Not Linux, but the ever confounding OSX (mac mini) with library on a Drobo 5N, connected via ethernet.

I’m one of the people who has from the beginning (well, coming up on end of my 12th month), and continuing through build 200, had disappearing libraries. I had hoped this was fixed for me in 1.3, but it is not. Fortunately, the new backup approach has meant that the four or five times I have seen my tracks dwindle rapidly, I could restore from a backup…still, is this a good thing?

(There is much to like about 1.3…many of my wishlist items are there and work beautifully. But the dwindling library, combined with this ever-scanning, ever-spinning thing, is a killer.)

Library is about 281,000 tracks.

I should add that, though the dwindling tracks problem can happen spontaneously at any time, it will always happen any time I add a file to my watched folder.

The only way I can increase my library with new tracks is to quit Roon or disable my watched folder, then add files, then restart or re-enable. True in 1.2 and 1.3. Is this really the expected workflow?

Within Roon Storage Settings, how many Watched Folders have you set up??..could you post a screenshot of your storage settings??

Just one watched folder…

@brian and/or @support, certainly not Linux specific, I have it too on my Mac Mini i7 quadcore (14.5k albums). I upgraded upon release of 1.3 and finally, three days ago, rescanning and audio analysis have finished. But since then, the spinning wheel keeps spinning and the scanning is exactly like @Dan_Levy describes.

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