Roon scrolls by itself

Description Of Issue

I am experiencing a strange scrolling behaviour when browsing the composition page.

It’s happening both on my iPad and on my Windows 10 client. I scroll the thorugh the composition either with the touch screen or my wheeled mouse, I stop and afterwards, without any further input, Roon scrolls again. Sometimes only a tiny bit, sometimes more and sometime even multiple times after I haved ended any input.

It seems to happen on the compsoition page only and it is a pain in the butt, since I scroll and try to select, but in the meantime the area I want to click or touch has scrolled on and I’m selecting the wrong composition.

Using only a local libary, no streaming service.

Anybody else experiencing the same? I have made an mp4 video but cannot attach it.

Hey @Klaus_Kammerer1,

Thanks so much for taking the time to report this. We’d love to help, even if we’re replying a week late…I am very sorry about that.

Is there any way you could upload the video you created to dropbox, for example, or a similar service and share a link only on the community?

Also, could you please share some insight into the way your iPad and Windows10 are connected to your Core? What kind of iPad and what device is it that runs Windows 10?

Thanks in advance :pray:


here is a link to a video how it behaves on my Windows 10 PC. After clicking there is no additional mouse action, but the list scrolls afterwards without any user input. This also happens on my two remotes (5th Gen iPad and brand new iPad Pro). Sometimes just when I’m listening to a piece of music the list will move without touching the iPad at all.

I will try to make a movie of my iPad later.

Thanks for your help

Thanks for sharing the video, @Klaus_Kammerer1 — I’ve passed this along to our QA team and they’re investigating.