Roon scrolls through tracks without playing them

Reaching out to @support

I’m experiencing a new problem with ROON after many months of trouble-free use.

When I attempt to play tracks from ANY album in either my ripped library or my Tidal account, Roon scrolls rapidly through the track list to the end without actually playing the files. This problem started yesterday afternoon suddenly, after many months of normal use. The only change I have made is the addition of a new DAC (Exogal Comet) into the chain, whereas I used to use the built-in DAC in my Naim Supernait integrated amp. After adding the new DAC, Roon was playing files normally for more than a day until the sudden change occurred. I cannot think of any other change I made.

My system in brief:
WD NAS <-> home network <-> Small Green Computer SonicTranporter i5 (Roon Server)
-> Sonore MicroRendu -> USB -> Exogal Comet DAC -> analog out -> Naim Supernait

I have rebooted the SonicTransporter and rebooted Roon Core on the server. I have cleared the caches. No luck.

My most recent attempts to play anything:
Bach Brandenburg Concertos, Rinaldo Alessandrini ( AIFF ripped to NAS local) and At Fillmore East, Allman Brothers (Tidal Masters MQA) at 5:51 PM EST, Sun 4/14/19.

Please let me know what additional info you need to diagnose and fix the problem.


Dave Magnuson
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Have you tried re-booting the MicroRendu? Just a thought… the problem sounds like one I have occasionally with one of my RoonBridges. A re-boot of the CuBox-i running RoonBridge never fails to fix it.
Good Luck,

I’ve had that exact same problem when playing Tidal tracks a few weeks ago (also on a weekend). The problem was at “Roon World Headquarter’s” end :wink: .

Give it a shot on Monday or Tuesday.

Give the man a cigar…

I rebooted everything again - including the mRendu - and I’m back in business. Thanks for reaching out and making the suggestion. Don’t know how long it would have taken me to get beyond the server hardware and app.

I will keep checking in to see if someone from Roon Support chimes in with an explanation and some tips on how to prevent it from happening again - though it sounds like its a recurring problem for you. Lots of moving pieces…

Thanks again.


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