Roon Search, Cannot connect to Roon Search

Last week Roon (Nucl.+) could not access my albums on the NAS. I removed the ‘‘old’’ datastorage path and put a new one in. The access to the NAS was ok again.
Today I wanted to play a radio station and the Live Radio folder was totally empty/The folder My Live Radio showed the preferred stations but to get a connection was impossible. My Iphone showed the message: ‘Cannot connect to Roon Search’ whereas the ROON UI on my W10 desktop showed the false message ‘‘çheck your internetconection’’ .
What can I do?

His core is nucleus+ so maybe it’s just reindexing everything now

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Should read the post :flushed:

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The Synology 412+ may be slow/ outdated but not causing any problems. I rescanned a few times; All albums are enriched with Roon info.
To be more precise: When searching for e.g. Paradise I only get results from my library e.g. Paradise and Lunch by Ry Cooder. The Paradise Radio stations however, which I used to have in My Live Radio folder, are not shown. The system message says ‘‘No connection to Roon Search’’.
I also read on the forum to change the DNS into I changed the DNS but unfortunately no result.

Have you done basic troubleshooting like rebooting everything from the network outward?

Basic things were done a few times.
Well It seems that the problem is solved. After my Roon system was updated today (build 988) everything is normal again. I cannot tell what the cause was.
Anyway happy again. Thanks for your help!