Roon Search Is Not Working Properly

Roon Core

SonicTransporter i5, using sonic orbiter 2.8 Operating System.
Roon 1.8

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Orbi 17 router.

Connected Audio Devices

I’m using wifi in this configuration: SonicTransporter i5>OpticalRendu>EtherREGEN wifi/optical switch> ifi Pro iDSD DAC.

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

After I updated my sonic orbiter software from 2.7 to 2.8 is when the Roon issues started. I can’t get Roon search to work properly. Discography is unavailable, artists dont show up, and I often get strange results from simple searches.

After I updated the sonic orbiter software, two things occurred that I found strange. One is that the location and name of my music folder changed from"Music Folder" to “sonic transport> J’s Music”. Music Folder is still there but it appears to be empty and isn’t doing anything.

And second, the new music folder (J’s Music) rescanned itself, as if it was creating a directory for the first time. I have over 168,000 tracks and it took half a day to fully scan everything.

I’m not sure how much more information you need, so I’ll stop there. Ask me if you need more. Thanks for your help in advance.

Jacob Ofman

There are other posts reporting that a Roon service is down Can’t load discography [Fixed] … so there’s probably nothing you can do at you end till this is resolved.

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