Roon search not working

I can’t get any results from search box.
Had searched artist name like Harlie Loren, The Beatles, Elvis Presley… no return results no matter how long waiting.

I can play my songs in playlist normally including TIDAL but can not search anything.

This problem happened since end of last year 2018 and I had gave up searching but just now thought things get better at Roon but still experience same problem.

The roon OS was updated latest as of 13 July 2019 version 1.0 build 175 stable.

My home internet is fine and has >200Mbps ul and do.

Router is Huawei free bundle with Fibre link which there are no security firewall enabled except DDOS and I had disable DDOS later also which does not relevant to issue.

I had attached here url to screen capture for your troubleshooting.

My Roon box is nucleus version with permanent license.

Pls help!

Today, Had went to Roon Nuclues webUI via IP in browser and tried reinstall Roon OS , Roon Database all over and problem fixed!

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