Roon Search Overhauled [2021-12]

We have been told that search optimization is an ongoing project, but by all means, the new release is a very big step forward. I find it very useable as it is, and very much improved over previous versions. Kudos to you as the main responsible for making this happen!


Sadly, I am having a terrible search experience since the update. Numerous artists that I know are on my streaming services across various generals are simply not populating ANY results when I search for them. This is a seriously debilitating issue for my personal use case. :frowning: Any ETA on a fix?

Can you please provide a few specific examples of what are you searching for and what are you expecting to see? Are these artists also in your library?

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@zenit Thanks for your answer. Here the Top result on “Pierre Boulez”. Only one disc as a result. I have to click below on his name to have the complete recordings. Why ?

If you scroll down on the page, which albums are found? One of these albums has been picked as a top result, it should also be visible again when you scroll down.

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I just did the same search right now. The result is OK. Bad fever of the engine yesterday ? :smiley:

Hi @zenit just in case you haven’t seen it yet this thread may be relevant……

Search Issues




Part of the issue may be that Boulez is also a composer, so Roon displays his compositions above other results.
If you search on a conductor who isn’t also a composer, the album results come up higher in the results, and you probably see them without scrolling.

Some common use case - but obviously I am not getting it: when searching, on the results page how do I just filter highres results?

You need to end up with search results that correspond to recordings - then you can use Focus to select Hi-res (if they exist in the results).

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According to your explanation :
Does “Boulez conducts Stravinsky” as a top result means that Boulez is the Stravinsky’s composer ?

No, why would it? How does that result lead to that conclusion?

You asked why your Pierre Boulez albums weren’t more visible. Search for “Pierre Boulez” is a search on a person’s name. In this case, the person is both a composer and conductor.

I merely pointed out that if you search for the name of a conductor that’s also a composer, the person’s composer results are given priority - vs a conductor that isn’t a composer, where you see the conductor’s conducting albums higher up in the results (less scrolling), as there are no composer albums to display first under that name.

That’s all I wrote. Why read something else into it?

And by the way, “Boulez conducts Stravinsky” gives totally consistent results with what I wrote: highest result is an album with that name, followed by albums where Stravinsky is the composer, followed by tracks. Unlike the search you asked about, it isn’t a search for the name of a person. I don’t see anything inconsistent or illogical in such results.

If you have issues, ask Roon, not me. I’m not in charge of their search results.

Is it -possible to search for playlist in Roon. Sometimes I know the name. But it does not pop up in a search

If the Playlist is in your Library, then it should be searchable. Roon doesn’t search Playlists that are out in the Qobuz or Tidal services.

Excellent search in my classical collection with no connection to streaming sites like Qobuz. I tested on Pierre Boulez and got everything of the composer and the conductor. It works very fluently, even when there is only one work of Boulez on an album in between other composers.

Perhaps some extra work is needed in the future with the search for different recordings of the same work. The number given with a certain recording does not correspond with the actual number of recordings found in my collection. Sometimes the number is too high.



sorry to have disturbed you

My own exploration of the new search engine is here:

Today I discovered that Roon has a real fondness for violin concerti!

I think that being a good software developer does not prevent you from asking for help from a real musician, or music lover, or music critic to reference the works. Knowing who is Händel, Handel or Haendel is a music lover’s job, not a developer’s job. No disdain for developers. Only: to each his own. :slight_smile:

All your efforts and explanations applauded. But, yes I still experience questionable results in my search (Roon, Qobuz user). The speed is improved and display of results to my liking (vs. some others here?).
I did test some of the comments here and get similar results. See: Jesper Sorensen i.e. He’s right and the Haendel/Boulez is a thing.
Perhaps share some guidance on BEST PRACTICES for searches (if that exists.) Believe that I know searching classical is the most problematic and true test of capability since the dawn of time, er, Dewey Decimal System.
And I’ll state here and now: I LOVE ROON. I love my dogs, too, but they are unpredictable and misbehave. All the best to you all.

About Gustav Malher, what else ? (!!!)