Search (build 880) - server returning 500 ("Can't connect to Roon Search. Library results only")

What am I doing wrong? Sometimes I got an error message: “Can’t connect to Roon Search. Library results only”.

However this top result by Jonas Kaufmann is not in my library.

Another example:

I noticed the same HTTP error 500 in the Roon Core log when getting such errors:

12/16 13:50:56 Debug: [easyhttp] [3173] GET to returned after 135 ms, status code: 500
12/16 13:50:56 Error: search service failed: Result[Status=UnexpectedError]
12/16 14:09:32 Debug: [easyhttp] [3629] GET to returned after 2087 ms, status code: 500
12/16 14:09:32 Error: search service failed: Result[Status=UnexpectedError]

Hey @Alexander_Bashlaev,

Thanks a lot for taking a moment to illustrate this Roon Search error. As you’ve discovered yourself, there’s a problem connecting to the Roon Servers.

I wonder, could you please change your Router’s DNS servers from the ISP provided ones to Cloudflare DNS, Quad9 or Google DNS?

OP, i am having this same issue running build 880 on both remote (iphone) and core (nucleus). Changing the DNS to has my network running even better than before (how did I not make the change before?!) but no change on the nucleus / search, and i have rebooted everything. DNS on the nucleus shows the updated address.


Hi @beka I haven’t had the opportunity to investigate further but I am having what appears to be the same, or similar problem.
My searches only appear to be searching my local library as items I can actually see, in Qobuz, can’t be found, the screenshot illustrates the problem. So in practice searching for new material from Roon doesn’t work, interestingly this wasn’t a problem with the beta.

I’m happy to provide my system details if required but briefly core = Win11 pro 64 hardwired to router using Cloudflare DNS.

Hi @beka,
I’m already using Cloudflare DNS in my router. This is not the cause of the problem.
Screenshot 2021-12-17 at 12.02.39


Another example of an error message. This time after I press enter.

But nevertheless I got the result (not from my library).
And the status codes for all POST and GET requests are 200.

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I appreciate everyone chiming in on this. We’d love to take a closer look and logs will be extremely helpful for our team.

@Alexander_Bashlaev, @PixelPopper and @Nicholas_Harsin, if you’d like to help take this a step further, could you please:

  • restart your Roon Core
  • perform a search (that you know will yield this result)
  • write down the local date and time when you got the “Can’t connect to Roon Search. Library Results only.”
  • grab a set of logs and upload them in our drive

Since we’re not notified of the upload, would you please post on this thread if and when you had a chance to upload them, including the time stamp?

Thanks a lot :pray:


Hi @beka log files uploaded “Pixelpopper” at 17:28 on 17/12/2021

Search string was “snai” when the error “no results found” occurred, the full search would have been “snail mail” which can be found in Qobuz.



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Thanks, @PixelPopper! This is wonderful and all we needed :pray:

Another possibly relevant observation, if the searched artist/criteria exists in my local files then the search of Qobuz works and displays a comprehensive discography!?

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Same issue for me too since 880.
Not always. Maybe about 1/3 of the time.
I’ve been using as DNS for years.

Edit: Ooops. Just noticed I’m not in fact using
I set up iCloud Private Relay on my core machine around the time 880 was released.
My understanding was that this only affected the Safari browser but it appears to be routing all my DNS requests.
Seems suspect. Will remove private relay and see if Roon search improves and will report back.


@Alexander_Bashlaev @PixelPopper @Nicholas_Harsin Do you have iCloud Private Relay enabled? Any improvement if you disable it and reboot?

No, I don’t use it.

I’ve never used iCloud private relay.

No i’m not using private relay, it’s only available as a beta at present but will no doubt cause problems in the future.

I’m also getting a lot of search errors. And frankly, even when it works I’m finding the results to be poor.

I’m also experiencing the “Can’t connect to Roon Search”. Especially when searching for album or artist that is not in my local library. Discography results for artists in my library (with albums both local and on Tidal) load slowly. I’m using Cloudflare DNS and I’m not using private relay.

A 500 error is not a connection problem.

I agree, that was a misdiagnosis. This just looks like a bug to me. We are looking into it.


Hey all :wave:

I wanted to take a moment and share that this issue should have been resolved with the latest build released today (see release notes).

Once your Core is updated, this shouldn’t show up anymore :nerd_face: