Roon Search Overhauled [2022-12] Update

Hi Geoff,

My guess is that while it might be valuable for some labels like ECM or Blue Note; it is beyond useless for labels like Columbia, Warner Brothers, RCA, etc, due to the sheer crushing number of results returned.

Perhaps. Years ago when I used Rdio the feature was available and I used it productively. I’m no programmer, but there must be some way to do this even if the total number of album results is limited to 500 or 1,000. This is a suggestion I made here years ago and Roon’s response was they were working on the best way to do it, not that it couldn’t be done.

@CrystalGipsy if you read my post I acknowledged that is has not been possible. However the search I just did, did bring up some results outside of my library, which I consider a step forward.

Right. But I’d wager it’s not leveraging the structured data (what label this is on) which is what you really want… it’s leveraging some unstructured data (either review, or perhaps search is now traversing label treated as text). Maybe I’m wrong. I want what you want. And frankly if they do get search structured correctly (which this post from Brian way up above means that they are headed in the right direction!!) then you should theoretically be able to search for a string like Ornette label:blue, though whether or not they will choose to expose it that way is an absolutely open question. I don’t think whether it’s a bad experience to search for “all albums on Warner brothers” is something that’s worth worrying about, it’s more in what contexts it gets presented. They are moving closer to where, if desired, this would be possible. But that absolutely doesn’t mean it’ll be tomorrow or the next week. They just dredged the river which means they can build the supports which means they can lay the roadbed. But that dredging (it’s actually far sexier than that) is a big big big deal.

Thanks. You obviously know much more about the technical side of this than I do. But I find this part of your response odd:

I’m quite certain I did not suggest it would be. I simply noted the proposal to enable search by label was made some years ago.

Oh gosh, not saying you said it would be. I’m just dotting my i’s and x’ing my t’s. I have no way of knowing how big their team is nor how quickly they want to/are moving in any direction. I’m just speculating. I’ve had folks here say things like “But Johnny O says it’s possible now, so why isn’t it so???” even if they weren’t the one on the conversation, so I CYA to reduce the chance that team Roon comes to hate me.

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@brian, @zenit , search continues to offer maddening and perplexing results.

Searching on ‘Horace Silver’ bring me to his page.

In the section of ‘Albums in my library’ I see that I have a local copy of ‘Blowing the Blues Away’ -

The consequent screen shows that there is 1 library version and three Qobuz versions.

If, from the very same artist page, I select ‘Discography’, I get -

The consequent screen only shows the 3 Qobuz versions -

It’s results like this that drive people crazy.

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Interesting. I just tried Blue Note and the only label results were two albums on Qobuz I saved to my library, nothing outside my library.

The list of albums in the search results did show a bunch of Blue Note albums not in my library, but they all included “Blue Note” in the album title.

I got boatloads of artist, albums, and tracks.

What do you see in the search results if you scroll down to “Labels” and select that?

I saw two. I’ll do it again.

I find it extremely frustrating that I cannot sort categorized search results.

Example: searching “Jingle Bell Rock” and navigating to track results. That’s as far as I can specify. I can’t sort by date, artist, album etc. Perhaps a more complicated search method could be taken to achieve this… but why can’t search results (say, a result on the track category) be listed with categories along the top, like when searching in Finder (MacOS) or Explorer (Windows)? Being able to select “release date” or “artist” at the top to filter my category results would make a huge difference.

I’m guessing selecting either of those “Labels results” will just show you albums that you added to your library.

Thank you for ALL your work on this. Seriously. I appreciate it.

Im as dumb as a tree stump when it comes to this stuff so I may not know what I ask.

when it comes to local vs cloud searches, is the situation that there is NO Roon Core powerful enough to take on this task, ergo, it must go to the cloud, or is it that Roon needs to factor in that some cores are slower than others and so search needs to be democratized, so all cores can take advantage of improvements?

The reason i ask: The cloud is a big place and the Tidal and Qobuz databases are a big place. But, material that I have added to my own Roon library is a much smaller place. Most the time when I’m searching for something I’m searching for some thing that is in my local library.

Could Roon be made to zero in on MY library when starting its search as I type? There’s zillions of results out there in streaming and if I want some thing I don’t currently have I’ll keep typing or I’ll sit there and wait a few seconds for Roon to search the world of streaming. But if it’s already in my library, I’d like to find it much quicker

This is not about being irritated about 100% Internet access needed by the way… This is more about fat fingered misspellings and then I hit enter and then I have to go back and hit the backspace key to fix what I typed. (E.g. looking for Lang Lang and typing “Lanf Lang”) rather than just being given close enough choices from my own added music.

I’d like to think that the computer could figure out based on my own library what I’m really trying to find even if I misspell it.

Again I’m a real dummy on this stuff so what I’m asking may just be ridiculous. I’m sure someone here will feel free to tell me that if it is! Thanks.

Just tested that and yes, you are correct.

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The ones it found did they have blue note in the name of the album? I just did a search earlier and anything under the label section already existed in my library. It does not search outside of your library for labels. I know it’s been requested I added my vote. But it’s not been added just like playlists cannot be searched that you don’t have already.


Just a few posts up, a delightfully comprehensive explanation from Roonlabs:

Thanks. I failed to see this.

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A good explanation of why :"“internet always on” is the way to .

Clearly there a few teething problems with the transition judging from the commentary, (BIG boxes seem to be an issue) but the joy of the cloud implementation is that change can be made rapidly in one place without the need for a public release and all the histrionics that normally go with it .

Given that our local power situation is tenuous to say the least I still agree with it. If we have power we have internet (usually)

This has already been reported , Christian name or Surname fails full name hits

Roon Search is never going to be Google in Roon’s Clothing … So


add one album of the artist in question (from Tidal/Qobuz) to your library. The Artist now exists in your Artist View, I just did it , never hear of him BTW so no cheating :smiling_imp:

Goto Artists View > Filter Funnel on Name
Select the “picture”
Goto Discography

Voila - Search is a relatively blunt instrument there are plenty of ways round it otherwise

More than one way to skin the cat :heart_eyes_cat:

This is obviously a very complex subject and I am not a technical person but all ever wanted from Roon search is incredibly simple: when I enter a word in the search e.g. summer, all I want in the TRACKS results are the songs in my library with that word in it so I can throw them in the queue and get a nice mix of themed songs (something I did with ease back in the old days when I used Squeezebox). What I don’t want are all the tracks that appear on any album with that word in it e.g. Summerteeth, Hissing of Summer Lawns etc. it seems simple and reasonable to me.