Roon Search Somewhat Broken

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 Pro version 22H2 with all current patches applied.
Self built machine based around an AMD Ryzen 5 3600.
64 GB of Ram
36 TB of disk space to hold my libray.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Not really applicable as this is a standalone setup.

Connected Audio Devices

Locally connected over USB ADI-2 DAC.

Number of Tracks in Library

Currently some 590,000 tracks.

Description of Issue

I have search issues. Specifically Roon cannot seem to find things that I know are in my collection. See screen shot. Sometimes if I cancel out of the search and try a second or third time, that can occasion be successful. Sometimes what will help is if I go into my library, Albums and focus on Performers I can find what I’m looking for but this is clumsy.

I rely on search to make file purchasing decisions, so this is important to me.

I’ve searched through previous support forums and it appears that I’m not the first person to experience this, thought at the time it appeared as if the issue was fixed.

Here is what I have attempted to try and fix this myself;
A week ago, I deleted my entire Roon database and started over. I have yet to re-connect back up to Tidal just to eliminate that possibility. I experienced slightly better performance by doing that (Roon was acting really sluggish before I did that). The searching was a little quicker, but I still have the same issue with the blind spots.

All suggestions appreciated.

I think the machine is underpowered for that size of library that processor is equivalent of a low i5.
You need an i7 or i9 or equivalent.

CPU Usage whilst a search is being carried out…

If you are looking for something in your library, I would suggest filter. For example, on the album screen type / and then “peter weller”; that should immediately bring up any album with Peter Weller as a primary artist.

Thanks, but reread my post, I do exactly as you describe sometimes. But it is clumsy compared to just hitting Ctl F and typing what I wish to search for. Which one would like to think should work all the time.

Sounds very similar to this user is experiencing: After most recent roon and data base updates search is not working - Support - Roon Labs Community

We’ve had an issue that was causing issues with large libraries. The latest update should address them.
If you’re unable to update, as a workaround I’d advise the same as in the other thread: try to reduce or disable the local storage.

BTW at least for search, your machine is definitely fine, even with that library size. It mainly needs lots of memory, and you have that. I have a very similar setup, although way smaller library.l

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