Roon Security via Profile -- aka "Party Mode" / "Do No Harm" [On roadmap, low on list]

just make all your files ReadOnly at least thats OK to stop deleting - tho there are enough warnings.

and keep daily backups to multiple locations…

till this feature is introduced not much else to do.

what other software is better in this regard?

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We have 3 family members can they log in with different signatures. Now everyone is using one account. Can there be a guest account for when we have visitors. Can users be restricted?

Hello Marc - I’ve moved your question about a guest account into the existing Feature Request for this feature.

What if… the account that is registered/logged in for the Roon Subscription always creates a Profile for that person. That Profile becomes the account that has the privileges to Enable/Disable Remote access (Enabled by default?) as well as Party Mode and possible the ability to proxy other Profile’s with the same control.

The benefit to this implementation is, as you well know, eliminating the headaches that come with passwords (they got hit by a truck; forgot; out of town, died and all that). I suspect dealing with lost and/or password reset’s isn’t something Roon wants to tackle right now (or ever?). Passwords might be addressed if Roon ever decides to rewrite everything with an Admin account.

I realize this idea certainly will have some holes in it, not the least of which is forcing all accounts that want to use this feature to create that Profile if they haven’t already done so.

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While we are waiting for this feature to be implemented, the web controller may be a stop-gap for some.

Very bare bones compared to full Roon interface, but functional and safe …

An alternative, if you have a Mac core (I suspect you can do something similar on a PC), is to set the permissions for your music files to Read Only for your user account and Read and Write for ‘admin’. The benefit of this is that Roon can’t delete the files (it runs under your user account), but you can still remove files when logged into an admin account, i.e. you don’t need to reset any files back to Read and Write in order to remove them. There may be some reason that this shouldn’t be done - I’m not familiar enough with permissions to know if this can cause issues that I’m not aware of - but it does seem to work.

+100 for much more effective Profile management, including a master (i.e. administrative) profile and other profiles with controlled access. Optional passwords are needed for profiles.

Accessibility of endpoints should be settable by the administrator.

Most importantly, the ability to Edit the Roon library should be assignable (ON or OFF) for non-administrative profiles.

It makes absolutely no sense to have every profile be able to f*#^% up the library or play to every system. There is no way I’m sharing Roon access to other members of my household until some security is in place. Even if a guest comes into the house with Roon on their phone, they can control everything. This is a huge flaw.


This feature is going to become even more important to me very soon. Using Convolution (Audiolense) as the main control of the system is scary to think someone can really jack things up unintentionally. C’mon Roon!


You should only let flawless guests in your house! :rofl:


‘Take off your shoes when you come in and put your mobile devices in this box by the door!’

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I see that since voting has been opened that this request has only gathered 4 votes. While I can’t speak for Roon Labs, my suspicion is that unless more people cast their votes here this request will continue to languish at the low priority end of the list for years to come… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I believe there are many people that did not realize they could vote.

I have used Roon and the forum software for many years, but I didn’t know it until I saw your post. (If I ever did know, I certainly forgot about it).

Unfortunately, I have also reached the point where I don’t believe it matters. There are any number of high visibility/importance feature improvements that have been on the roadmap for years… I’m not saying that they aren’t important to Roon, but they must be beyond Roon’s ability to deliver with the resources available.


The Voting feature was only turned on in the last month. Roon Labs will use it as a factor in their prioritisations.

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Many thanks. I had no idea that I could vote

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Can we have a guest access feature so others can’t make changes to my library and the history is not recorded so as not to influence suggestions made to me.

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Check this knowledge base article.

Profiles still allow changes to the common library though. It’s possible that @Adeniyi_Ogunnaike wants this instead:


True, but the OP also mentions play history. Either way, #roon:feature-suggestions need to be precise.

I suspect there are already features suggestions concerning profiles.

Sure, but a party mode would most likely cover both and not change the regular user’s history, either. It’s unclear what is desired at this stage, maybe @Adeniyi_Ogunnaike can clarify. The forum moderators moved this into the party mode feature suggestion thread …