Roon Security via Profile -- aka "Party Mode" / "Do No Harm" [On roadmap, low on list]

Sorry if this has been suggested before - maybe the delete function could be password or passcode protected - so only the Roon account holder could delete files.

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Oh my god, 5 years! And all we want is a simple setting to prevent some profiles from being abel to edit anything at all in the library?
I have three daughters that are all living on their own by now in another city, using Roon on various devices, connected to my Roon core via Zerotier over the www. I think I can persuade them to be careful, but I can never be sure, can I?

Backups have been named to be a solution by a number of Roon users in this thread before. But you only restore a backup if you are aware that some edit has been made. And how would I know about that? So, although one obviously needs multiple backups, these are not a workaround for the absence of access control.


Any chance we could get a comment from @danny on this one please? Five years and counting :mask:

I’ve never heard of Zerotier & have now just looked at their website, typically I can’t understand what the service actually is, as it’s not in plain English.

Can I or anybody else then use this service and connect to Roon when we are on the road? As in can I use this to listen to my Roon library when I’m driving?

Yes, that’s possible. I only found information about the possibility of using Zerotier a few montths ago, here in this community. Just search this community on ‘zerotier’.

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ZeroTier needs to run on the core machine so running ROCK or nucleus means you can’t use ZT. It is essentially creating a virtual network that’s private and works well for IOS and android or Mac/pc endpoints. Even can run on RPi and NAS devices.

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@ Hans - thank you & @wizardofoz - thank you.


Do make sure that you make it a private network

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Is it possible to set up a profile in Roon that has read-only access (i.e. can’t add or subtract music from the library), or a profile that has access only to media stored on the server and NOT have access to the Tidal library? I’d like to make my stored media available to others in my household, but not give them access to my Tidal account and library.

Can this be done?


I’m afraid that Roon’s Profiles are very simplistic, and what you are asking for cannot be done using them as they currently are. There’s been many requests for better profile management features in the Feature Request category of the forum, but so far nothing has emerged from Roon Labs for better profile management.

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Thanks for the reply. I’m a newbie and loving Roon. Adding this feature will make me an even bigger fan.

Make your library volume/folder and contents readonly or make the share user if on a NAS a readonly user account…not the best but will stop someone removing the files from the system.

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+1 for this feature request.
Do we really have to keep our children away from music? My 9-year old son reconfigures my zones, delets my bookmarks and so on.


+1. I would really like this functionality.


It is long overdue and still much needed.

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Yes, 100% agree. Some sort of access wall for admin is a must these days. “On roadmap” since 2015? Pleeaze!

+1 for Roon party mode please :slightly_smiling_face:

  • me for Roon lock down please.


For me this is a high priority feature request.

How about some kind of party mode. You could run roon remote on a laptop and your guests could select and add songs to a play list. Walk in, drinks are over here, add your favorite song over here.

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