Roon Serve has become unresponsive [Resolved]

hi @support

I am using roon server (1.3 build 262, stable, 64 bit) for a day now.I am mainly happy with roon but sometimes I have troubles connecting to the roon server as well as locating the roon endpoint. I am running roon server on Debian 8, and two IQaudio endpoints (Rpi2 & DigiAmp+ with roon image: IQ_Roon_pcm5xxx_RC7, Rpi3 with DigiAmp+ and PiCoreplayer with Shairport enabled). I also have a Windows 7 laptop running the roon controller and an Android smartphone with the roon app. My music is stored on freenas 9. Because I have a lot of music and something went wrong during the first scan of my music (not roon related), the roon server is still scanning my music.

Sometimes I cannot connect to the roon server from the laptop and smartphone.
More often the endpoints are not visible and cannot play any music. The endpoint appear and disappear within a few seconds.In the log files I do not notice strange things.

I do see on the roon server this error message a few times every minute:
“Sep 22 14:07:33 roon minissdpd[517]: method HTTP, don’t know what to do”

But the time of this message does not correspond with the time I am seeing the issues.
I even still see the error message even though everything seems to work now.
Do you have any clue where to look for errors?

I do really miss one thing:set the volume with the android volume buttons or with a key on the keyboard (only found Ctrl-arrow so far, with adds or subtracts ‘5’ to the volume). Is there an easy way to set the volume?

I do no see anymore that the endpoints appear/disappear. However, today the roon server was hanging. I had to restart my virtual machine with roon. I could not even logon anymore to it. I have increased the RAM to 4GB (because after restart I saw that not much RAM was left).
I see a lot of " [System Output] client connection failed. Retrying in 2530ms" in the roon server log file."

I have shared my log files on drop box with support.

Hi @TonS ---- Thank you for the report and my sincere apologies for the wait here.

Based on your update, it appears that the initially reported behavior has since stabilized. My assumption is that this was probably due to the fact that Roon was still actively scanning your musical collection. Glad things have since stabilized!

Moving forward, in regard to Roon server “hanging”. You mentioned the following:

“I could not even logon anymore to it.”

Can you please provide some further insight into this observation? Are you not able to access RS from a remote OR are is RS not launching? Furthermore, can you please share the logs with me, “here” via a shared dropbox link?


hi @Eric,

I could not login (ssh) to the (Debian) server anymore.
The whole server became unresponsive. Roon is the only application that is running on the server.


Note that I still see thousands of “Sep 27 00:35:07 roon minissdpd[516]: method HTTP, don’t know what to do” mesages in /var/log/daemon.log

Hi @TonS ----- Thank you for the follow up and the clarification. Both are very appreciated!

Confirming that the logs have been received and are in our queue to be analyzed by a member of our tech team. Once my report has been updated and passed back, I will be sure to share the team’s thoughts/findings with you in a timely manor. Your patience is greatly appreciated!


Hi @TonS ---- Thank you for your patience while our techs have been reviewing your logs.

Moving forward, the team has mentioned in their report that they are noticing numerous network related errors in the log traces. Based on your description of the issue (i.e can’t ssh in, the whole server is unresponsive), it sounds like the device may be experiencing some kind of kernel panic.

Being as you are unable to SSH the machine when this occurs, have you tried connecting a monitor to the server to see what the shell prints out while in this state?

Furthermore, in regard to the network errors we have noticed. Would you be bale to perform a “tcpdump” so we can see the “movement” of packets around your configuration?


hi @Eric,

thanks for your reply.
I cannot connect a monitor because roon runs in a virtual machine.

Currently roon runs fine so i doubt if it is useful to create a tcpdump.
In general my server and network runs very solid (only reboot it once or twice a year for an upgrade).

I assume for now that the roon server probably become unresponsive during the inital scan of my music files.

Kind regards,

Thanks for the follow up and the insight, @TonS. Very appreciated!

I am going to be closing this thread, but, if you start to run into issues please drop me a PM and I will re-open.

Happy listening!