Roon Server and Bluesound Node2 playback issue

I have a Bluesound Node2 running BluOS 2.14.10 connected via gig ethernet to a roon core running 1.4 build 294 64 bit, also connected with gig ethernet. The core is running on a QNAP TS-451+ with 8GB RAM, 500 GB SSD for database. Until recently everything was great. Recently I have started to experience some strange playback behavior. In the middle of a song it will play a segment from what sounds like another song or another part of the current song, there is no pause in playback. The errant segment is ~1 second worth of audio.

My library is ~12K songs, all flac, some higher bit rates. If I use the Bluesound native clients, everything runs as expected, no dropouts or strange playback. While playing Roon on the Bluesound , the NAS running the core normally runs 2% CPU and 13% RAM. This strange playback happens on random songs and seems to affect maybe one in ten songs. Every once in a while it will also end a song prematurely. I don’t run DSP or even volume leveling or cross fade, I don’t believe my NAS is being over driven (no video or anything else most of the time).

Not sure if its worth trying to capture a log or if I should just re-install the core. Really prefer to use Roon discover and Roon radio over the basic Bluesound client. I use a Roon Client on Windows 10 laptop or android to control playback if that has any bearing.

Hi, @Craig_Reilly, thanks for the report! Could you please answer these questions:

  • Please describe your network configuration/topology, being sure to provide insight into any networking hardware you are currently implementing. I want to have a clear understanding as to how your Bluesound devices are communicating with your network/the application.

  • When Roon is in “this state” and contact is dropped with the Bluesound endpoints, are you able to successfully see/use the devices via the Bluesound application?

  • We understand that you been having to reboot the units themselves when the error occurs, but does rebooting your core machine ever return things to a stable state?

Looking forward to your feedback!


Are the Roon/Bluesound issues resolved? Considering purchase of a Bluesound Node 2.

Roon and Bluesound work together great for my needs. My issue turned out to be the AVM60 pre-pro having issues locking onto the Bluesound bitstream. A firmware issue from Anthem got this 95% fixed. I listen to a library of ~1000 albums and use Roon as my interface. Love the discovery and the on the fly radio stations Roon provides. My music collection is 70% CD rips to FLAC and 30% HDTRACKs FLAC files. I don’t listen to MQA.

Worth being aware of the unrelated BS discussions on Roon + Bluesound problems if you’re not already. Brief summary - sync issues for some remain unresolved and old implementation of RAAT means no MQA via Roon at the present time.

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no MQA via Roon at the present time.

That’s a deal breaker for me. Am I understanding correctly that Bluesound HAS developed a firmware update that solves some of these problems. But not the MQA issue? Thanks.

Hi Geoff,

Brian’s message on that thread is the most authoritative, along with some allied messages from AndrewH on the Bluesound forum. As I understand it, the upshot is that Bluesound have committed to implementing the changes put forward by Roon as per Brian’s message (which include bugfixes and MQA implementation via a later RAAT), however there is no timescale to this. A previous message by Bluesound in early Feb promised minor changes for Roon in their recent firmware update but these failed to materialise. They have not responded to further queries via their forum. Unfortunately, you’ll need to draw your own conclusions, unless @brian has any updated info?

Most of us (I think) assume that BS will be able to at least work with the first unfold from Roon, when this happens, regardless of firmware but at the moment that’s just a working assumption.

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Thanks very much. I can’t ask for a clearer answer than that.