Roon server converts to 16bit when reading 24bit FLAC

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I am running Roon Server on an Antipodes DS server connected to an Euphya Junction 1.1 DAC. This DAC supports up to 24bit 196kHz conversion and sampling rates.

However, when playing 24bit FLAC files, I see in the Signal Path there is a 24 to 16bit conversion before transport donto the DAC.

I think this conversion is redundant, maybe disturbing the quality, and I am wondering how I could get rid of it. I tried all sorts of settings without any success.

Here is the signal path as displayed in Roon :

And here are the Audio settings :

Thanks for any help on this question

The website lists its capabilities as follows, are you using the USB input? Apologies for the google translation.

This new converter in the landscape of French High Fidelity is equipped with a USB input (16/44 Khz), a digital input toslink (optical), a digital input RCA (24/192 kHz), a BNC input (24/192 kHz) and of course an analog output on RCA plug (soon XLR outputs, optional, will probably be possible). The price of this DAC entirely designed and manufactured in France is 1.795 €

(Ce nouveau convertisseur dans le paysage de Haute Fidélité française est équipé d’une entrée USB (16/44 Khz), d’une entrée numérique toslink (optique), d’une entrée numérique RCA (24/192 kHz), d’une entrée BNC (24/192 kHz) et naturellement d’une sortie analogique sur fiche RCA (prochainement des sorties XLR, en option, seront probablement possibles). Le prix de ce DAC entièrement conçu et fabriqué en France est de 1.795 € ttc.)

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You are absolutely right. I switched to BNC DAC input that supports 24bit up to 96 kHz and the bit rate conversion is gone; sound is also much better.
Many thanks for your help !

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