Roon Server Crash/Restart at Random Times

Roon Core Machine

RoonServer 1.8 (build 913), MacOS 11.4 Big Sur, Mac mini (M1,2020), 8GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

SynologyNAS, Ethernet connection, Music Storage is via network paths within Roon.

Connected Audio Devices

Roon 1.8 (build 913), Windows 10 64bit, Output via System Output to Orion 32+ Gen3.

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

RoonServer crashes when searching or starting playback of a track after a period of no use. This could be an hour or more but when playback starts it plays the first few seconds of a track and then the client loses connection to the core. After about a minute RoonServer restarts and the client reconnects. RoonServer then begins scanning all tracks.

The same issue occurs when playing a track directly from the RoonServer to a local usb dac or streaming via phone.

Hi sir sandwich

Not official support, but, try using only local storage and not the NAS and see if it has the same issue.

I could do this however I’d prefer to keep using the network share option as it simplifies having to configure autoconnection with credentials in MacOS.

If I restart the NAS or have a power reset then I have to physically login to the Mac mini and enter credentials to reconnect the network shares. With Roons network share option it takes care of this for me.

It was just a suggestion as a test not.a long term solution.

I’ll give it a shot however this morning it already had its daily crash. I started playing a track from Qobuz, it played the first few seconds of the track, the server crashed/restarted and now its scanning my library. The last time I used Roon was roughly 15 hours ago.

Hey Sir Sandwich,

(good name btw)
My colleague is looking into your log and will get back to you soon.

Just confirming that it isnt random. Same experience this morning, opened Roon client on windows. Started playing a track off Qobuz and within about 10 seconds the Roon server disconnects and restarts. Tomorrow I can test whether the same happens with a file off the NAS server.

So I think I’ve found the cause for the RoonServer restarts and a possible solution. I have a daily schedule on my router that restarts everyday at 3am. I suspect whats happening is this disrupts RoonServer on the Mac mini and any connections that may have open cause exceptions when I continue playing them the next day.

I’ve setup a schedule on my Mac mini to also restart daily at 3:15am so this should at least give RoonServer a way to avoid the invalid network connection that is lost from the routers daily restart. Will report back in a couple days.

Confirming that even with the latest release, I still have the server crash when playing a song after a period of no activity.

When will support respond to me and review my logs?

Hey @Sir_Sandwich,

Thank you for your patience while we investigate this and for the additional details you’ve provided.

As a test can you please disable the automated router and Mac mini restarts to see if it has any affect on your issues? I’ll be watching for your reply. Thanks!

I’ve disabled the restart schedule on the mac mini (RoonServer) and my network router. The the last few days I’ve not experienced anymore resets within the Roon Client after a period of inactivity. Its definitely something to do with the network router because I had setup the mac mini to restart after the routers daily reset.

So I’m guessing the problem is in how RoonServer is managing network connections or some kind of socket exceptions that causes the entire RoonServer daemon to crash/restart.

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