Roon server crashed and won't come back

Roon Core running on intel Mac Mini/OS 10.15.7, i5@2.6GHz, 8gb RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Core connected via giga ethernet to TPLink AX50;

Connected Audio Devices

Primare Prisma NP5mk2 connected via WiFi; Primare connected to Rega Saturn-R DAC via digital out (copper, not optical).

Number of Tracks in Library

Library around 15k tracks, stored on local drive

Description of Issue

At some point in time in last few days computer “run into an issue” and crashed (Apple’s words, shown on screen when I got to the computer). Computer was restarted, Roon server is running, but all remotes are prompted to enter user/pass. If I do that, it says that my core is already assigned to my account. The only other option that is presented is to restore backup. I did restore from 3 days ago, it prompts that the restore is complete and to relaunch the remote - I do that and again I am prompted with user/pass.

I tried re-installing Roon Server on Mac, nothing changed. What can I do to get my roon core back?

Hi @Strahinja_Glisic
Better don’t use a phone for this process, do you see an Unauthorize button/option somwhere?
If so, just click UNAUTHORIZE. No need to LOGOUT.
If this doesn’t work, could you please provide a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Unauthorize kind of helped, it showed my library after that but with some issues. I restored backup again, then another Unauthorize + restart of roon-ready devices and now it seem to be working OK. Thanks, will keep an eye on it.

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I’m glad to hear that, hoping that everything is running smoothly again.