Roon server doesn't install on QNAP NAS [Answered - RoonServer share not created]

Roon server doesn’t install on QNAP (HS-251, Firmware 4.3.3). I get the error message:

RoonServer 2017-10-03 installation failed. “RoonServer” shared folder does not exist. Please create it before installing Roon Server.


@crieke maybe Chris can shed some light…you sure you created the share folder needed for the install?

As @wizardofoz already mentioned, there needs to be a RoonServer shared folder before you install the app. It will be used to store Roon’s database. It can be created in the QNAP Control Panel -> Shared folder.

Please make sure it is created before you start the installation of RoonServer.

Hi @jens_lehman
This may help…
Take a look at the Preparation section in Roon Server running on Synology & QNAP NAS (x64) for instructions.

Guys, really - are you a software company or not? :wink: This should be done by the installer and not manually! At the very minimum there should be a note in the installer telling the user what to do and not just letting them run into the error message…

I am not a software company.
For QNAP it is possible to have multiple volumes in the internal bay. As there are also other settings involved for each shared folder (like user privileges, encryption settings, use of recycle bin, it is not as easy as just to create a new folder.
However, as the latest QNAP installer also has a web interface I already thought about a selection of the database location within this webpanel.

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