Roon Server doesn't wake up with iOS remote

I have installed Roon Server for Linux on a NAS Diskstation what works quite well. When connecting with the Mac OS app, the server wakes up promptly. The behavior is different when trying to connect with the remote for iOS. Then the server stays sleeping. A connection with the iOS remote is only possible at the time when Roon server is running. Would be great to find a solution for this issue.

Many thanks, Peter

Hello @Peter_Muller,

Roon has no WakeOnLan (WOL) feature (Remote client isn’t able to wake up the machine where Roon Core is installed). Maybe NAS’s folders are mapped in OS X and whenever you use the system, it wakes up the NAS ?


Maybe it’s just the iOS app issue? It often I get a never ending “trying to connect” screen on the app or it just sits their with a blank screen.