Roon Server Hardware


first of all i have to say that im totally amazed by roon, im now in 14 day trial and searching for the best and probably cheapest solution to run Roon Server, i have a HP Microserver but its too loud.
Now i want to get a good solution for my living room.
On which Hardware do you run Roon Server ?

kind regards

There’s literally reams of information here if you have a little look around. Macs, windows, Linux, nucs, laptops, every OS you care to mention. Have a search for the upcoming Roon Core Kit too.

Or keep your PC if it’s suitable, put it in another room, and get a cheap network zone for your living room using anything from a raspberry pi upwards.

Gen 5 or above i3 NUC, 128GB M2 SATA SSD, 4GB RAM, Akasa passively cooled case. Mine is a 5i5 with a lot more RAM but I could have done it for a fair bit less. This solution offers you Linux, Windows 8 upwards or soon, Roon OS so the widest choice of future options. An i5 upwards should have enough grunt to run DSP such as HQPlayer or indeed any DSP Roon OS comes with. It can be run on less, I know of it being run on modern Celeron hardware and the user is very happy compared to the old core 2 duo Mac Pro laptop he was using. But I don’t think this will accommodate future developments very well.