Roon Server - Headless - Windows - After 2.0.25

I was thinking about an upgrade from ROCK to Roon Server on a headless windows 11 PC.

But after the 2.025 release I am bit confused how this will be installed on a headless windows 11 PC.

It says:

“Going forward, we will no longer offer Roon Server as a stand-alone installer for Windows and Mac. On these platforms, there will be a single Roon installer which will include the Roon application (for selecting music and configuring Roon) and Roon Server, for users that run their Core on Windows or macOS.”

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Yes, a bit confusing. I hope the installer has a checkbox labelled, “No, just the damned UI, thanks very much.”

If not we will see a ton of tickets for people connecting to wrong core and loosing libraries.

If you install it and select an existing RoonServer, then it will install as it has done all these years. Even so, before this release you were ALWAYS installing the RoonServer piece, just not starting it. Nothing has changed in this regard.

If you select Use This PC, then the RoonServer part will be activated However, you can now control which parts are on and off. Meaning you can shut down the Graphics portion and leave the server running. Something that had not been an option for users, unless you had setup a dual (Roon/RoonServer) install.


You would install Roon. Restore a backup. And then just close the GUI program. The server will still be running. Server is controlled by right clicking on the Server Icon in the Windows Notification Section. Here you can tell Server to start on boot, shut down, or start the GUI client.


On Windows, does it run on boot or logon?

I’d imagine there are many more people using Roon on Windows as a Remote rather than as a Core. I’m one of them. I can see why Roon would want to install both at the same time, to reduce newbie confusion. But I hope there’s an option to skip the Server, and just give me the Remote.

So, not the improvement I’d hoped for.

On logon as it did previously.


I’m already running Roon server on Windows (version 2.0 build 1311). Will I receive the upgrade to 2.0.25?

Yes all versions will update

Au contraire to the statements made in the release notes, this change does not benefit users who actually abided to the reccy’s made previously:
Keep Controllers, Endpoints and Server separated-

For those of us who do run the Server package, we can no longer avoid the GUI part. It remains to be seen what impact this might have om headless servers, controlled by VNC or RDP.

My understanding is that initial install will require GUI but that updates will not. Let’s see !

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The title of this should add MacOS, as I was surprised when I found that Roon had switched to an integrated app with the server inside. Roon Server hadn’t started up automatically after an update, and so I had to set it to run on login again.

Indeed, like the Windows version, quitting the GUI app in MacOS leaves the server running.

You can right-click on the Roon app, and “Show package contents” which will reveal the Roon Server app inside, which can be re-added to run on login.

@alec_eiffel, I have been running Early Access for ~3 test releases with this new configuration and all EA updates can be performed from any Remote, all have been straightforward, and I have had no issues on restarting or anything else. I am running Roon Server on a W11 Pro computer.

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For those that were using Roon only as a remote on macOS, would starting up Roon also start up the useless / unused server and leave it running when you quit Roon?

No, if you’re using Roon just as a remote, it wont keep the server running, because you’re not running the server on that mac to begin with.

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“You wouldn’t be using the server”, that part was clear. Somehow I was concerned that, with this update, it would permanently run a server in the background. Good to hear that it isn’t.

Has anyone here already gotten the update to 2.0.25?
After the update message here 3 days ago, nothing has happened for me.
I liked the old update procedure more

Nope us Europeans are back of the queue it looks like or it’s just not working as planned. But then getting it on Friday or weekend with no support would not be a good move.

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I still hope that in the new version there will still be the possibility to install only one of the two options (Roon Server and Roon Remote).

Just deactivating one of these is not ok from a technical point of view (larger OS backup, more space occupied on HDD/SSD, larger registries, etc.).

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