Roon server icon does not show

Windows 10 64 bit 8gb memory
I have installed the software on my main computer and started importing my library from the location of my Tunes music collection. I noticed that the Roon Server icon that you mention does not show in the bottom corner as i would like the Roon server to start when i login.

I restarted the computer (the import of music was not finished) and started Roon again but the icon does not show. Also, the music import does not start up again even though i have much more music in the folder chosen.

turn off icon hiding in the task bar area

Hi @Axel_Brandstrom,

This article will walk through how to show specific icons in the system tray.

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?

sure, it seems the system was quicker than i realized and all music was imported. But the icon is not listed in notification area section listed in the article you refer to.

here is a screenshot of the storage settings

i have made all icons to show in the task bar area and there is still no icon for Roon. i have not done anything with the system icons, but Roon is not listed there either.

Er, have you actually installed the Roon Server software package on your system, or the full Roon package?

Only the Roon Server package has a Taskbar icon. A full Roon package does not.

oops! My apologies, sorry to have wasted your time! I just downloaded your program today, i will install the server program on a different computer but wanted to check it out first.

thx for your quick responses!

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