Roon Server Icon in Menu bar (MacOS)

I consider myself a minimalist.

I do not want the roon server menu bar icon in my top menu bar (MacOS).
I still want to start Roon via the dock icon/symbol only!

How can I remove the icon from the menu bar, (also while Roon is running)?

Thanks in advance,

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You can:

either use an utility app to hide menu bar items (free and paid are available)
Hidden Bar

or try to modify the Info.plist of the modifying the LSUIElement key (if you’re familiar with such type of things – haven’t tried personally):

I really hate this new menu item. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but ever since it first appeared I started having trouble launching and quitting Roon. This seems like way more of a bug than a feature. What is it supposed to do except be super annoying? Do I really need to download a 3rd party app to get rid of it? lmao guys.

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It’s not just an icon:

(Though yeah an option to not display the icon in the menu bar may be good. Of course this will then confuse lots of people who can’t tell if the server is running or not)

Thanks Suedkiez, but it’s still really annoying. When I close a program I expect to close. I guess Roon server isn’t made for laptops? I think switching networks between home and office crashes the server a lot.

Opinions differ I guess. Other people didn’t like that the music stopped if they closed the user interface.

There’s nothing that makes it particularly unsuited to laptops, Many people take their laptop with Roon with them if they are on the move.

Certainly the server shouldn’t crash if you switch networks. If it does, then this is surely a bug that needs fixing, and you should open a new topic in Support for this so that Roon support can take a look. (They don’t usually monitor posts here in Roon Software Discussion)

I finally decided to “take the plunge” and use Roon as nature intended by having a dedicated “server” and always accessing music through a “remote” device. That way the “server” connects via USB-C to my Burson headphone amp. This makes things easier and the sound quality is amazing (greatly improved over bluetooth). It skips sometimes but it’s probably that I’m playing losslessly and streaming over wifi. I will figure that part out eventually.

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