Roon server in MULTIPLE locations setup [feature request]

This was discussed multiple times already. All people with more than a single home would appreciate if roon can be installed and fairly easy being able to play at a time at the location of choice/you are currently in.

The next killer feature would be keeping the roon databases in synch between the homes/locations (might be even an option for replicating newly added local media as well).
No need for any complicated cloud, etc., just specify the 2nd server’s IP address in the setup and get both roon servers talk to each other (for people running site 2 site VPNs). Only the next step could be sync using a cloud for anybody not running s2s between their homes.

Having users already implemented in roon, makes it fairly easy to keep the DBs in sync and allow for the right direction of the sync (as a user can be only in one home at any given time playing, so replicate its DB changes only to the other homes).

Each roon instance can check upon startup the available licenses. If there are more than one (say two in total), it could of course play simultaneously in a 2nd linked location as well (say for a different family member), otherwise deny service. So, this would eliminate any abuse of licenses as having one license will allow for playback at only one location at any given time. Same as it is implemented in Tidal for example.

I am a former software architect, so this is pretty trivial and straight forward.
Having implemented remote sync functionality, will increase roon’s value immensely.

roon, are you listening??

Can you not do this now? All you need to do is turn it on, log in and disconnect the one at the previous location. I do it all the time.

As for remote library synching, that’s a nice idea.

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Log in, disconnect, connect and reconnect is not the same thing. It should stay all registered and only stop the other instances when the next server hits play. Automatically. And sync libraries between homes.

Roon, are you listening???

I wrote-up a fairly detailed way of doing this… maybe too detailed? It didn’t seem to get many likes. I will paste here for more visibility.

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I just saw it, and looking into details. Suppose the homes have a s2s encrypted VPN connection anyway, why should it care about encrypting the connection? It wouldn’t be able to reach the other homes local roon IP addresses anyway, if there is no s2s running on a lower level between the sites.

Hey Roon, I thought Roon 2.0 might include lib syncing between multiple homes. Not really… why?