Roon Server; not connecting to a host machine

Hi all,

I’m new to Roon and I cannot get my server to connect to any Roon app on any machine i have on my internal network.

I have multiple machines running various versions of Windows 10 due to me being a Windows Insider along with two servers running Windows Server 2019 along with a few Macs.

None of the machines will connect to the server but all seem to be able to detect that the server is there and running, it will just drop the connection and try again repedately on all my host machines.

My issues is that i believe due to that im running NIC teaming on my Servers and main desktop machines (to get the speed up) and another topic about Roon not liking multiple NIC interfaces might be a factor here, I’ve checked in my NIC team settings and it has got IPv4 enabled and working, though each individual adapter doesnt and I cannot enable it.

As below all my firewall settings are correct, as are the settings on each machine to allow Roon connections through. JRiver MC25 works fine, as does Emby all internally & externally also.

Core/Server Machine Specs/ Info:

Dell R740XD SFF;
Windows Server 2019 Build: 1809
Intel Xeon Gold 6154 (18c 3.8GHz) 96GB of RAM.
4x 800GB SAS SSDs
Intel X710DA2 Quad Port 10G NIC; NIC Teamed to 1; 40G connection.
Dell R740XD LFF;
Windows Server 2019 Build: 1809
Intel Xeon Gold 5118 (12c 2.6GHz) 32GB of RAM,
12x 10TB HDDs
Intel X710DA2 Quad Port 10G NIC; NIC Teamed to 1; 40G connection.

Note my servers can only run Roon Server due to the fact they only have a Matrox G200e GPU so they can’t run OpenGL thus i cannot run the full Roon app.

Roon version is 1.6 build 401.

Network Details:

All Ubiquiti. ports are already forwarded though shouldn’t make a difference on an internal network anyway, all are running on the same IP range and subnet mask.

Firewalls on all machines that are running Roon have got it passed through.


Hello @markwrc,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this issue. For Roon to work properly, a functioning network that passes multicast traffic is required. You can read over our Networking Best Practices Guide to get a better sense of what common configuration options include, but as a test I’d like to verify something here.

Can you please click on the “Help” button that appears on your Roon Remotes and manually type in the IP address of your Core and see if that works?

Also, what is the exact networking gear that you are making use of here, can you list the model/manufacturer of the router, switches, range extenders, ect?


Rather than list i can give a screenshot; just casue its a lot.

All of it is enterprise grade gear, no consumer crap here.


Like i said before its all setup correctly and if JRiver, Emby, SMB sharing etc have no issues then i don’t see why Roon would have an issue since it will all work in exactly the same way.

~ Mark.

Wow, that is not a name I hear often. I have a ton of old Matrox cards lying around my company’s parts room.

You made sure that the Firewall was allowing Roon through? RoonServer and RAATserver needs to be whitelisted on the core. RoonAppliance and/or Roon and RAAT on the client’s firewall as well.

Yeah… lol pretty much all servers/workstation class boards have them built in for the VGA ports. The Dell R740XDs are Dell’s latest 14th gen servers, if Roon was DirectX it wouldn’t have a problem, Full JRiver MC25 runs fine on it.

Yeah its all done and routed through, it shouldnt have any issue at all, like i said i got all of JRiver, Emby and SMB sharing working through all my PCs, Macs and tablets/phones.

I’m an Audio Engineer/Acoustician working in live events indstury and regularly deal with networking and audio over IP stuff. So i know what I’m doing when it comes to most things networking, though im not all that great at the high end enterprise grade networking and switches that all use CLI, like Cisco’s IOS and Dells FTOS. Ubnt’s stuff does what i need with a nice GUI.

Got it working now, Roon doesnt setup any networking within Windows Server, so i had to manually enter in all the ports and connection details, bit of a PITA.

Probably did this cause it thinks its Windows 10.


Hello @markwrc,

Glad to hear that you have it up and running with the modified ports and connection details!

– Noris

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