Roon server not responding/error, clients disconnect and can't reconnect

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini (2018)
3 Ghz 6-core Intel Core i%
32 GB Ram
macOS Monterey 12.6.2

Roon Server build 1202

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Archer AX3000 1.0.4 Build 20200426 rel.69563(5553)

Connected Audio Devices

ifi Zen Stream (wifi)
Modi Multibit 2 via USB on mac mini
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Rev 1.3 running RoPieee 2022.11.2 (0661)

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I’m running into recurring problems with playback on multiple devices, the clients (either on my main mac mini or my iphone and ipad) disconnect from the core and I need to select a different core to reconnect. When I try to reconnect it fails repeatedly. Restarting the mac mini running my core will sometimes help, but it takes multiple attempts 5 - 10) to get the core server running again.

If I check the core status in the top menu bar, I see ‘running’ changing to ‘not responding’, then ‘error’, then back to ‘running’. This repeats itself multiple times.

As part of troubleshooting a previous support issue, I have already reinstalled Roon on my mac mini, and then switched to running Roon Server.

It will be fine for a bit, but then it starts up again and Roon is unusable on any of my devices for extended periods.

I don’t see any crash reports being generated, the server just freezes and restarts itself every time any client tries to connect.

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Hey @Chris_Csencsits,

Taking a look at your account, I see Wes was able to help a very similar issue on an older thread you created. Does this solution apply to your new thread:

Roon crashes frequently on mac mini - #15 by Chris_Csencsits.

If not, please take note of the specific date and time the next time your run into this issue, and share that information here. Thank you! :+1:


Unfortunately, no.

The issues have continued after we closed the original thread, they’re not as frequent, but they are still happening.

I believe there were repeated errors last Saturday 3/18 in the evening. I could listen for 30 seconds to around 2 minutes, the music would stop on my iFi Zen and the iPhone gave the ‘problem connecting to Roon Core’. I would choose the ‘connect to a different core’ option, the phone would take several attempts to reconnect to the core, it would play music for a minute or so, then repeat. This went on for around 20-30 minutes before I gave up.

I’ll see if I can recreate the issues and send you a better date/time for you.


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Just had another instance of this issue this morning, 2/24 around 10 am EST.

Music stopped playing on my mac mini through the connected Modi dac, on the iPhone I was using to control playback I went through the following cycle around 9 times in a row:

“Waiting for your Roon core”
“Uh, something’s not right”
Select a different core
Select the core on the mac mini
goes back to “Waiting for your Roon core”, repeat multiple times.

I took around 3 - 4 minutes of going through this loop until things were stable again.


Another round of the same issue happened around 11:45 am EST, around 6 cycles of “waiting/uh oh/select a different core” until things were stable again.

Thanks for sharing that info @Chris_Csencsits. Similar to your last thread, I too see primarily network-based errors around the timestamps you’ve provided.

Could you provide more information about how your core is connected to your router? More details around your network setup would be helpful too.

If you haven’t yet, I would definitely test out hardwiring your core device directly to your router, bypassing any network gear in between. :pray:


The core is running under Roon Server on my mac mini which is connected via ethernet directly to the router.

For the 2/22 issues I was listening using my iFi Zen stream in the living room, that’s using wifi to connect to the router. I was using either my iPhone or iPad to control playback

For the 2/24 issues I was listening to music using the Roon app running on the same mac mini as Roon server. I was using my iPhone to control the playback, it was connected to the router via wi-fi and it was about 6 feet or so from the router at the time the issues occurred. Everything was in the same room and still had issues.

Router information was listed in my original post, it’s running the latest firmware. The firewall on the mac mini was turned off as part of troubleshooting my previous case.

Let me know if you need any more information.


Hey @Chris_Csencsits,

We’re still seeing network-based errors but nothing directly pointing to an issue with your system. When looking into things a bit more, can you be more specific around what file resolutions you’re playing when the issue occurs?

Also, is it content from your local library? Or, is it from Tidal/Qobuz?

I would test specific sample/bit rates to see if there is a specific file type causing issues.

Thanks for your continued patience. :+1:

Hi @benjamin ,

All my music is local, no Tidal/Qobuz. It’s stored on an external drive connected directly to the mac mini hosting the server via USB. I was previously using a Drobo Gen3, but replaced that with a newer external enclosure as Drobo isn’t supported on the new macos Ventura.

The bulk of my library (probably > 80%) of is 16/44.1 ALAC, but I do have some high-res files, from 24/48 ALAC up to a few 24/192 FLAC.

I don’t recall specifically which tracks were the issue, but I know the issues have happened playing the 16/44.1/ALAC files.

The network issue is puzzling because the issue has occurred both with my iFi Zen stream via wifi but also playing on the mac mini running the core server all on the same machine. The only ‘network’ involved was using my iPhone to control playback instead of the Roon app on the mac mini.

It’s also frustrating because the issues started after I upgraded to 2.0 and I had no issues running earlier versions of Roon on the same network.

Is going back to 1.8 still an option?



@benjamin ,

Another round of issues, starting around 30 minutes ago (~ 12 pm EST, 3/3).

I wanted to play some music through my iFi Zen Stream, as soon as I tried to connect to it through the Roon app on my iPhone, the roon server died. It took 20 minutes of cycling through the screens of ‘uh oh’, ‘choose a new core’, core crashes, repeat until I could start playback.

I got through one song (24/96khz FLAC), and a few seconds into the second song (16/44.1 ALAC) the core/server died again, multiple cycles of choosing a new core and having it immediately crash.

At this point my core/server will not run for more that a minute or two, I can’t even listen to one song without issues.

Can you let me know if it’s possible to go back to Roon 1.8? I have no more time or energy to spend with Roon 2.0 which is not working on my system. Roon 1.8 and earlier was solid and stable for years on the same network. Since I upgraded to Roon 2.0 it has become a barrier between me and my music, and I’m no longer will to pay for software which just doesn’t work.


Chris Csencsits

Hey @Chris_Csencsits,

Here is more information on downgrading to Roon 1.8 :

Reviewing diagnostics on your account at the given time didn’t provide any additional information, unfortunately. If you would like to continue troubleshooting, it would be good to refresh your database. Steps to follow below:

  • Create a Backup of your current database
  • Exit out of Roon
  • Navigate to your Roon Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “Roon”
  • Rename the “Roon” folder to “Roon_old”
  • Reinstall the Roon App from our Downloads Page to generate a new Roon folder
  • Verify if the issue persists on a fresh database before restoring the backup

Hi @benjamin

At this point, we’re not getting anywhere with the troubleshooting and I can’t use Roon 2.0 as it currently exists, I’m going to downgrade to 1.8 since that was stable for me before I upgraded to 2.0.

I don’t have a copy of my 1.8 database, so I’ll have to start from scratch, not sure how long that will take.

I’ll let you know when that’s done and if going back to 1.8 fixes my problems.




I’ve downgraded to 1.8 and done some testing, it looks to be working and much more stable than 2.0.

At this point, I think my answer is to stay on 1.8; for whatever reason 2.0 will not run reliably for me and isn’t a viable upgrade for me.

Thanks for your help and assistance.


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Hey @Chris_Csencsits,

Thank you for the update, and I understand wanting to get back to a stable position as soon as possible. I’m glad to hear 1.8 is functioning better for you.

If you do decide you’d like to continue troubleshooting down the road, feel free to tag me in a new thread and I will happy to help!

Happy listening :notes:

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