Roon Server on Mac mini m1 - Audio devices disappear when monitor is going into sleep (ref#HEW9Y0)

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Roon Server on Mac mini m1 - Audio devices disappear when monitor is going into sleep

I would like to share an interesting observation in regards of „Audio devices disappearing“
I know, there are a lot of community posts around that topic, but mine is quite different and strange as well.

My configuration (since 2 days) is
System: Mac mini m1, 8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD - continuously switched on - no sleep
OS: Mac OS Sonoma, current update
(Current Release) Roon Server Application and configuration is stored on the internal disk
Music library on a QNAP Rack Mount Direct attached storage
Network: Ethernet, WiFi is switched off
The system is planned to be a headless configuration - but that doesn’t work - please go ahead and read the following description
I have migrated the system, coming from the former system (Mac mini 2014) to the above mentioned

After a short while all Remote clients notify of non existing Audio devices.
I invested time in understanding when this happens.

1. Having no monitor connected to the Mac mini - Headless configuration. 10 min after the Remote Desktop is disconnected, Audio Devices disappear. It appears that it has something to do with „(Virtual) Display going to sleep) . From the moment, I reconnect using Remote Desktop, the Audio Devices are back immediately
2. In the case a monitor is connected, Audio devices are lost, as soon as the monitor is going into sleep

Configuration works stable and reliable as long as a monitor is connected and display is not configured to go into sleep after a defined period of time. Screen saver can be configured without any impact on Audio device availability.

It sounds like voodoo :-) I know.
I am interested to know if anyone is experiencing the same issue and if there is a better solution than connecting a monitor which cannot go into sleep, which is really not brilliant in terms of energy saving.

Describe your network setup

Ethernet connection, WiFi switched off

Hello Gerald
I am relatively new to this. I also use a headless M1 Mac with Sonoma. My audio devices have also suddenly disappeared. My power meter (power outlet) also showed that the Mac went into sleep mode. I then studied the sparse “energy settings” in the “system settings” and set the following: “No automatic activation of sleep mode when display is off” is activated.
Since then, everything has worked for me without interruption.

This detailed “how to” may help Roon Core on headless Mac mini M1 Tips & Tricks

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Shame on me.

I thought to have everything done to keep the Mac mini Always on.
Havent´t seen that the Mac went into sleep, cause Power Led is on when in Sleep mode.
Should have known this, cause I own a Mac Studio as well.

I forgot to mark this setting with a cross.

Many thx for your immediate response.

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