Roon Server on ROCK Restarts / Hangs Up [Resolved - Bad RAM]

I’m setting up a new ROCK for someone in the industry, but I’m having a strange issue. When the ROCK has no library, it runs fine. After pointing it to my NAS, it will run for quite a while then Roon Server says not running and it will restart Roon Server.

Same thing has happened on two different networks, and two different installs of ROCK on the same NUC.

How can I tell if this is a NUC hardware problem or Roon Server issue?

Is it getting hot? Fan running? When importing a library audio analysis puts a heavy load on the NUC or any other roon server cpu for that matter. Try reducing the number of cores used or turn off audio analysis to see if that helps.

More info on how big the library is and your NUC hardware model might help

you have codecs installed?

Yes, codecs installed.

Same content you’re using with ROCK (or Roon) elsewhere?

If you PM me the email address associated with the Roon install, I can enable some diagnostics and take a look at what’s going on here Chris.

It’s not getting hot, but the fan is running. The library is a little over 300,000 tracks.

It’s an i7 NUC with 8GB RAM and 256 Samsung 960 SSD.

Same NUC as I have running my Roon install that has been working since ROCK was released. I’ll PM you.

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