Roon Server sees my new and old MacBooks as one


I’m really in a peculiar jam.

I just bought a new macbook pro and migrated everything from my old one.

The problem is Roon Server sees these two machines as one.

I changed the machine name (hostname and stuff) of the new one but still no joy.

Not sure how Roon server manages unique ids of these machines.

Unless I quit Roon on the old machine, music playing gets frequently interrupted (tracks getting skipped) on the new one and vice versa: guess it happens when Roon Server polls the other machine to refresh the device lists.

All devices connected to both machines appear under the same name “This Mac”.

How can I have Roon Server see them as unique machines?

I reinstalled roon on both machines but it didn’t work.

I’m simply out of ideas. I’m kicking myself for having gone with Migration Asisstant, but I have too much stuff on the old machine to start over :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

You need to do a backup of the Roon database on your old machine. You need to remove Roon from the new machine, killing all traces of it. Then do a clean install and restore the backup. That should give you a new core id but with the data from the old.

I should have been clearer on the issue.

I run an iMac2012 as a Roon server. The core is running on this machine

Both macbooks (old and new) are just music players for me.

OK, remove RoonBridge from the new machine and all traces of it. If you do that correctly a clean install will give RoonBridge a new identity and it should then work and see them as different instances of RoonBridge.

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Hey @Wankyu_Choi,

Just to verify, when you did the reinstall, did you completely remove the Roon and RAATServer folders (i.e. database folders) or did you just uninstall the application? If you haven’t removed these folders, try doing this full uninstall on both machines and let us know if there are any changes.

You can find the Roon and RAATServer folders by following the instructions here on the Mac devices.


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Thanks for your help.

I did remove the folders.

Running RoonBridge works, but running Roon doesn’t. How weird.

On my iPhone both machines appear as separate networked machines. Only on these machines, they get merged under the “Connected to This Mac” category.

Hey @Wankyu_Choi,

When using Apple’s Migration Assistance tool, the OS is essentially copied from your old machine to your new one. This can then cause some confusion in Roon if you use both of the machines still because the information it gets from the OS is the same, so Roon sees these as the same device.

A fresh OS install, without restoring any backups, will allow Roon to identify these as two separate machines since the unique identifiers in the OS will be different. If possible, freshly installing the OS on one of these machines is the best way to resolve this.