Roon Server Settings? Turn off debug logs


Where are server settings located? I would like to maybe optimise a few things, and for a starters turn off debug logging which is spamming 100000s of lines of logs that aren’t needed.

There aren’t any settings.

[Moderated] there of course are some settings and configs on the server I am looking at them.

However, I just assumed logging levels would be an UI based one

There are application settings, I presumed you were talking about low level server configuration, such as logging.
As far as I know logging is in-built, it’s certainly not configurable.

I am talking about application settings, and server settings, these are one and the same.

Logging is a basic setting that every application I’ve used in my whole life has configurable, that is ridiculous roon doesn’t if it is true what you say.

Seriously I’m getting so fed up with these little details with Roon, it really does make me wonder about the dev team.

@ged_hickman1 a few minutes of digging and I found that there are 2 lines in RoonServer and RoonAppliance with a --debug flag that you can remove and it turns off debug logging.

exec "$HARDLINK" --debug --gc=sgen --server "$SCRIPT.exe" "$@"

Likely this won’t persist with upgrades so I’m very curious as to why the devs haven’t included this as a config, please update this users want such basic functionality within a server-style application.

So they can quickly get logs when users have issues without the user having to do much. They can retrieve them automatically if needed. Without that they would have to ask every user to turn it on for every support request . Considering many user struggle with basic things it’s one less thing for support to worry a customer about. Personally I don’t give a hoot about logs what’s it got to do with music playback? It should be hidden and have no user interaction at all if possible.

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I don’t like the idea of Roon dipping into my VM at all, yet another flawed mentality.

For them to do this they need access through my firewall anyway, so your argument about additional steps for customer support is wrong. Maybe it would work for idiots with consumer grade networking.

You may not give a crap, but maybe you don’t have multi-$1000 SSDs that you don’t want unnecessary wear on. Maybe you shouldn’t be so narrow minded in general along with the devs, all of my suggestions are to better the software, I’m not new to this game :slight_smile:

When the Devs turn logging on for support they don’t come get the logs, I believe they set a switch and the local server writes the logs on their servers.
You’ll often see them asking for people to bundle the logs and send them.
They have no direct access to the local server.

It’s the same difference.

Nothing will be leaving my network if I don’t allow it, so my point still stands.

So your saying about 99% of Roons users are idiots because they use consumer gear and don’t conform to your view. Yet I am narrow minded! Lol.



You tried to tell me how something works and you were wrong, I’m not sure what else you want me to say.

It’s fine to be wrong…

I was not wrong it allows Roon to get them without user interaction as they will upload to Roon in most situations automatically when Roon turn debugging on. I didnt say they connected to your home network at all. Your reading what you want to.

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I can see you’re making new friends here. Welcome to the forum.

There are some helpful members here, but if you don’t play nice, they’ll ignore you.

End result - your problem doesn’t get fixed. Good luck.


I solved the problem myself with an annoying hack.

The reality is nobody here can help me, it’s down to the development team to do their job and improve the product.

To be honest I don’t hold out much hope because people’s requests for fixes and features have remained here for multiple years, and that is never good to see for new software.

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Fair enough - if you need product support, the best way to reach support is to creat a topic in the #support section of the forum. You can also tag them using the AT (@) symbol and the word support coupled in one term.

Below is a link to the Roon Knowledge Base. There are some helpful things in the KB setting up. Good luck.


Where are these configuration files located?

In Linux it’s installed by default in




Thank you.

Removing that --debug flag will do nothing to the logging.

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