Roon Server Software keeps resetting

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus Plus, 8TB HD.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Arris Surfboard Modem > Netgear Orbi Router > Trend Network TEG-S80g Switch

Connected Audio Devices

McIntosh > Macintosh MC452 > Linn SelectDSM McIntosh C2700.
All ethernet connected.

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

My server software keeps resetting itself in Nucleus+ constantly interrupting P/B, and when I’m not listening as well.

Please refer to attachments. I have rebooted all too.

Awoke this morning and found overnight the server software reset itself again (see attached)

Hey Robert, sorry for the trouble here – the next time this happens, can you note the local time and date and let me know? Once you do, I’ll enable diagnostics and try to see what was happening around then.

Happened today 10/22 again at approximately 8:25am PST
This has been an ongoing issue since day 1. I’ve gone as far as replacing the NucleusPlus as well. Please review these same past issues as well

Just some more information
This always seems to occur when the database reaches 96% now at 95% or when the database capability is about to make a change.

Hi @Robert_Zinn ,

Thanks for that additional information and sorry to hear that the issue is still ongoing even on the new Nucleus. In the logs, it shows that you have a Seagate drive connected, can you please confirm, if you disconnect this drive and use only TIDAL/Qobuz for the same amount of time that it takes for the issue to occur, does the issue still happen without the drive connected? If it does, please let us know the time + date of occurrence, thank you.

Yes this occurs whether the Seagate HD is used to extract my local library from or I use my QNAP T-251+ to access my multimedia to ROON it occured when I connected the HD to the NAS as wellScreenshot (68)|690x388

Is it recommended NOT to keep the Seagate connected to either all the time?

AGAIN just now 12:20 PST TODAY 11/22

I disconnected the HD as requested, at 1435hrs PST today it happened again

I just cleared everything and started using Qobuz within Roon, disconnected within 5 minutes 1425PST
I can no longer use ROON it now constantly disconnects,please help

Hi @Robert_Zinn ,

Thank you for those timestamps, I have enabled diagnostics on the Nucleus and I can see that a new log set has come in.

Further timestamps are not needed right now, I’ve asked the QA team to review the current logs and once they have had a chance to review the logs, we will reach out once more, thanks!

Hello @Robert_Zinn ,

Thank you for your patience here while QA has had a chance to look into your case further.

Since the same issue is occurring on a new Nucleus altogether, this issue may be triggered by something environmental and we should try to eliminate some aspects of the setup. A good first step would be to try to understand if the Linn device causes any troubles here.

Can you please try to physically power off your Linn zone and start a listening session on one of your Roon Remote’s (iOS / Android / PC) System Output zone, let it run for 4-5 hours and see if you still get a Nucleus restart?

If you still have the issue, can you please let us know the time + date of the issue and we’ll take another look at the logs? We acknowledge that this issue has been going on longer than any of us would like, hopefully, this test helps us eliminate the Linn as playing a part in the issue.

Thank you.

OK I will try this when I get the time.

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Lost connection today 12/8 at 2:37pm PST. Listening from qobuz.
I may have not mentioned this before, when the server software resets Roon will start resanning the library, I think this may be normal.

Hey @Robert_Zinn,

This is Rebeka and I work alongside Noris on the Customer Success Team here at Roon. I’m chiming in on this thread while Noris is out of the office this week. I want to apologize in advance for the delay in hearing back from him.

Thanks for going through the steps he suggested and for sharing the timestamp.

I couldn’t be more sorry to see that this issue has been ongoing for quite some time and that constantly in that time we’ve been trying to address it and we’ve also had your help. Thank you for collaborating every step of the way. I am hopeful it won’t be long before this gets resolved once and for all!

We got the logs and Noris will get back to you on them as soon as possible :relieved:

Is your Orbi providing the “routing” and DHCP allocation for your entire network? Looking at your Networking setup this leads me to believe so. Orbi’s have a lot of issues at the moment and drop the ball constantly. There is plenty of chatter about this all over the interwebs…
First suggestion would be to use the Orbi as AP only and let something else do the routing on your network. Can your Arris modem be setup as modem & Router??
This is a thing with Orbi - sad but true…
I use Orbi for my wifi also and ONLY use it in AP mode. For this it is awesome.
It is like they just don’t have enough grunt to do it all.

Thank you for your suggestion, the Arris is a modem only, and I think I am using DHCP, forgive me I’m not very technical and making any changes would probably screw up everything. I have had no issues with the network and everything is hardwired through the trend UNmanaged switch. I went to the ORBI from an ASUX GT-11000 which gave me headaches with everything.

If the Arris is modem only, and you have great wifi with Orbi, then I would highly recommend getting a standalone router to look after the network. Orbi is just too flaky to rely on unfortunately and I feel you will continue to bang your head against the wall :frowning: . Look at something like an Edgerouter ER4 - or something similarly powerful. I used one of these for some time and it was flawless.

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