Roon Server stopped working

'Til today my Roon Server on Windows has been working fine… until tonight. Was making some tag changes in my library. But now the spinner is running constantly, saying adding to library, and that metadata improver is paused.

I’ve restarted Roon Server, and restarted the machine. Checked that the machine can reach the Internet, seems fine. All other services there look fine.

What else can I try? Does it log something a little more helpful anywhere? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Should have mentioned, the server and this PC client are both on 1.8 build 831 64-bit. They both updated yesterday.

The same here, but it is solved after Roon Server restart.

Same here tonight, too. Roon Server restart and even reboot of the Roon Server’s host OS didn’t help, though.

So I stopped Roon Server and renamed the Cache directory under the RoonServer installation directory. After restarting Roon Server all was well.


Thanks for the delete-cache suggestion. The restart/reboots didn’t work, but this cleared the spinner.

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Hey @Alan_Sparks welcome to our Roon Community and thank you for following up to let us know all is well. Many thanks @Andreas_Philipp1 for your help on this one!

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