Roon server stops responding on ubuntu linux 14.04 LTS

I have been running roon server on a ubuntu 14.04 LTS installation for a couple of weeks now. just this morning it started to become unresponsive. I rebooted the linux server and still roonserver core was unresponsive to connection requests from roon running on a windows 10 pc and my ipad. I restarted the roonserver on the linux core server and after waiting about half an hour the server started to accept connection requests.

The linux server is an 8 core AMD FX3 system with 16 GB memory. I have the libraries (2) on two separate partitions with ample storage space. the rest of the OS has extra space available as well. I run with the Tidal service connected as well.

Versions of roon are 1.2(142) on the pc, 1.2(142) on the linux server and version 1(24) bridge on an intel compute stick.

the PC and the compute stick are both on windows 10 with the very latest updates applied.

Please advise as to how I can troubleshoot this outage. would the linux core logs be of any help in determining what is going on?

Thanks in advance.