Roon server + streamer + dac

Hi, I’m a happy Roon user (nuc + H390). In the near future I would like to replace my nuc and H390dac with an one box high end source for my H390 (XLR/analoge connected). I’m familiar with the Grim Audio MU1, I am obvious missing the dac. If I’m well informed the MU2 will have a dac, but I wonder if there already is a manufacturer offering this. Please advice.

You could look at the Antipodes line of products, particularly the K series.
Although even they do prefer to keep the DAC separate but there are some models with internal DAC.

I purchased a Melco some days ago, it pairs pretty well with my qutest which is connected to a Phonitor x. With melco you have to keep your nuc. Maybe it’s a setup for you too, I’m happy

Looking at the HEGEL (?) H390, it seems it has a DAC on board. What is the reason to pass by this?

Ni there’s no reason. The H390 DAC is great, it is to be honest a very much appriciated upgrade. I’m just investigating my next step.

Doesn’t iFi have a source + streamer + DAC/amp device? The iDSD?