Roon Server Ubuntu - Firewall issue after 1.8 Fall update

Roon Core Machine

Ubuntu Server (21.04)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

All network connections are wired, iOS (iPad + iPhone) used as Roon Remotes

Connected Audio Devices

Raspberry Pi + Hifiberry DAC as Roon EndPoint

Number of Tracks in Library

No local library

Description of Issue

All working fine until the 1.8 Fall update. After that, the Roon remotes cannot connect to the core machine anymore / cannot find it on the network anymore. Disabling the UFW firewall on Ubuntu ‘solves’ the issue, so it’s obviously related to firewall settings. Ports opened for Roon previously: 1900 (UDP) and 9100:9200 (TCP). Which changes are needed to make Roon connections possible again with firewall active?

Ports were changed by the roon developers with build 880.
Best option is to run from terminal:
sudo lsof -i -P |less
This will list the ports used by the roon server.

I am running 20.04 LTS with ufw…this should work for you too.

If you’re like me and want to know more about lsof, run:
man lsof

Good luck!


Thanks, this helped me solve the issue!

To others with the same issue: there’s many lines referring to Roon Application, look for the ones that connect to the IP address of your remote devices.

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