Roon setup on Mac OS trashed after my subscription expired; can't get it to work

Roon Core on NUC; versionn 1.0 (build 227)

home wifi with gryphon mesh system

My Roon yearly subscription expired today because I had forgotten to update an expired credit card. Understandable, and I immediately renewed it. However, I can no longer connect to my Roon Rock server any more from my macbook (Mac OS 1014.6). I have tried uninstalling roon on macos a couple times, rebooting and reinstalling and it doesn’t help.

I can access roon rock from my iphone just fine so the problem is on my macbook only. When I fire up roon, it hangs and mouse cursor turns into “busy” symbol of rolling disk. After few minutes of this I just kill the roon app.

I checked with “activity monitor” for any zombie tasks but don’t see anything obviously wrong or named roon. Also have done a few reboots as mentioned

Thanks for any help

Edit: Just realised this is the ROCK OS Version. Can you confirm what version of Roon Server you’re running and how this is connected to your network.

You’re running a very old version of ROCK and this isn’t compatible with the latest version you probably installed on your MacBook.

The latest version is 1.8 (build 756) so make sure all components have the latest version installed.

Make sure you backup your Roon database first using the iOS device. Once this is done upgrade the iPhone and then go to Settings > About and you’ll be prompted to update Core (ROCK) and Remote (MacBook.)

I do software updates whenever recommended and I am also using the latest client version on macbook and iphone. Please recall that I am getting problems on macbook even after deleting the existing client and then reinstalling the latest version linked from your website.

Roon server is 1.8 build 756.

I can access the roon server from another computer in the house, so the problem is that the macbook version is somehow in some trashed configuration and delete/reboot does not seem to fix the issue.

Can you share a screenshot from the MacBook. What do you see? Can you navigate to Settings > General? If so, try to Disconnect and re-select the Core.

Also, please note that I am a community member not a Roon employee.

THanks for your reply! The macbook version is frozen and does not allow me to navigate to settings. The spinning disk (“busy”) cursor is on top. On the bottom is the song + position that happened to be playing when the client was started, but this is also frozen. So the client seemed to have talked to the server for a moment at startup.

Note that I also toggled power on the server.

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On the MacBook try removing the application manually by following this post.

This worked! Thanks so much for your help and patience.

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