Roon shows login screen. Latest 2 backups doesn't seem to be restorable

Roon Core Machine

Ubuntu 21.10, on a old AMD E-350 Processor based board

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Network is working. Core is on ethernet. Rest is on Wifi. Ubiquity Dream machine router/switch. The problem is not that the remotes etc cannot connect(that was my first thought)

Connected Audio Devices

Mostly NAD M33, Bluesound PowerNode (3) & Squeezebox receiver

Number of Tracks in Library

Around 20,000 tracks

Description of Issue

After upgrading to the latest roon core release yesterday. I played some music until around midnight where Roon suddently stopped working (after having af few dropouts I normally don’t experience)

Then I went to bed

This morning I would start the music by using the Roon(as remote) on my mac and I was presented with the dreaded login screen. The one time I had this problem support told me to restore from backup.

I have now tried that and the last 2 backups seems to not be restorable

So does restore on the latest Roon core work?

Same problem as last time where I needed to unauthorize my core and then it will pick up the license again. I will now try to restore again

This may be an indication that your hardware is failing.

Thank you

I have just noticed it is my root disk running full. Sorry for the confusion


I’ll leave this open if you want, just drop back to let us know that freeing space results in working backups.

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