Roon shuts down on Sonictransporter with HQP

Hey. Not sure if this is an issue with Roon or my server (Small Green Computer Sonictransporter for HQPlayer, i7, quad core, purpose built to run HQP and Roon). SGC people suggested I contact you because you could look at the logs and perhaps give us some insight into the issue.

For about three months, I have been running Roon on the ST server. Occasionally, but not consistently, ran HQP for simple PCM up sampling (24/92). The server is headless and I connect to it by remote desktop from an iMac. Every now and again, the remote connection would be lost and i would have to reboot and reboot until I could reconnect.

Monday I received a new DAC (Lampi Atlantic DSD only) that can play DSD 512. I connected St directly to dac by USB. Yesterday, I played dsd 512 files with HQP/Roon for about five hours at which time Roon shut down. It did not just stop playing music, it actually closed. At the same time, the connection to the server by desktop remote shut down. Took me hours to reconnect (checked connections, rebooted both ST and iMac repeatedly, hooked up to monitor unsuccessfully, then successfully). Finally got Roon back up and running.

BTW, when remote connection is lost, i sometimes get a “host is down” message, but usually get a “cannot connect to remote device” message.

After getting it up and running, I made sure the the server was set to never sleep (which it had been all along).

Then, I played 512 files for another 90 minutes and stopped the music (but left Roon open). A couple of hours later, Roon had again closed and the remote connection was severed. I have not been able to reconnect.

Given that this issue has gotten worse since i began using HQP consistently and to play 512, i suspect HQP?Roon is at least part of the issue. I would love your thoughts on the issue. And, perhaps, you can let me know how to upload my logs to you (assuming I can reconnect to the server).


Just tagging @support.

SGC should see this as well

Upsampling to DSD 512 is a drain on even an i7 depending on your filter choices. That is why there is the option to enable CUDA processing to offload some of the calculations to a GPU ( a good high-end NVIDIA card works wonders).

Try monitoring your CPU/RAM usage as well as your computer’s temperatures. Prolonged demanding CPU usage will raise the internal temp.

Thanks. This box was purpose built to run HQP so there should not be an issue. Nonetheless, what is a GPU and how is is used?



I looked up GPU. Would it need to be installed in the server box or can it be connected by usb? Interesting solution, I do not mind spending another $100 to get this to work flawlessly.

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Roon uses Cuda? Didn’t know that!

CUDA GPUs are NVIDIA cards, or High End Graphics Cards where the processing power is used mainly for calculating screen gaphics, but they can be utilized for different calculations if the software is programmed to use their processor, like HQPlayer.

They need to be plugged into the main motherboard. That may or may not be possible with the computer you have. I am assuming you are running Windows, I’m not sure the drivers are there for Linux use.

Which Card gives you the best is probably better asked from HQPlayer’s programmer @jussi_laako.


Roon does not use Cuda, We are talking about HQPlayer.


I think SGC is the best source since they built the server.

Thanks for the idea.

Got it. Thanks.


CAn I get instructions on how to upload logs? I would love for you guys to see if you can figure this out. Thanks.

Hi @John_Culver ---- I have sent you a PM with instructions on how you can upload your logs to us. May I also ask you to please provide a screen shot of your signal path while you are upsampling. Thanks!


Thanks. I will try to do it tonight.


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There is no way to install a CUDA GPU in our small fanless (and noiseless) server but with a full quad core i7 it can do DSD512 upsampling using about 15% CPU load.